Government of Mizoram

Holiday List During Calendar Year 2019


Holidays                                    Date                          Mizo Month                                                         Week

New Year’s Day                        01.01.2019                Pawlkut Thla                                             Tuesday

New Year’s Celebration            02.01.2019                Pawlkut Thla                                             Wednesday

Missionary Day                         11.01.2019                Pawlkut Thla                                             Friday

Republic Day                             26.01.2019                Pawlkut Thla                                             Saturday

State Day                                   20.02.2019                Ramtuk Thla                                             Wednesday

Chapchar Kut                             01.03.2019                Vau Thla                                                   Friday

Holi                                            21.03.2019                Vau Thla                                                   Thursday

Mahavir Jayanti                         17.04.2019                Tau Thla                                                    Wednesday

Good Friday                               19.04.2019                Tau Thla                                                    Friday

Id-ul-Fitr                                    05.06.2019                Nikir Thla                                                 Wednesday

Id-ul-Zuha (Bakrid)                   12.08.2019                Thitin Thla                                                Monday

Independence Day                     15.08.2019                Thitin Thla                                                Thursday

Muharram                                  10.09.2019                Mimkut Thla                                                         Tuesday

Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday     02.10.2019                Khuangchawi Thla                                    Wednesday

Dussehra (Vijay Dashmi)          08.10.2019                Khuangchawi Thla                                    Tuesday

Guru Nanak’s Birthday             12.11.2019                Sahmulphah Thla                                      Tuesday

Christmas Eve                           24.12.2019                Pawltlak Thla                                            Tuesday

Christmas Day                           25.12.2019                Pawltlak Thla                                            Wednesday

Christmas Festival                    26.12.2019                Pawltlak Thla                                            Thursday

New Year’s Eve                         31.12.2019                Pawltlak Thla                                            Tuesday


Further, the Governor of Mizoram is pleased to declare the following days that falls on Saturday and Sunday as public holidays.


Buddha Purnima                        18.05.2019                Tomir Thla                                                Saturday

YMA Day                                  15.06.2019                Nikir Thla                                                 Saturday

Remna Ni                                   30.06.2019                Vawkhniahzawn Thla                                Sunday

MHIP Day                                  06.07.2019                Vawkhniahzawn Thla                                Saturday

Janmashtami                              24.08.2019                Thitin Thla                                                Saturday

Diwali (Deepavalli)                   27.10.2019                Khuangchawi Thla                                    Sunday

Prophet Mohammad’s               10.11.2019                Sahmulphah Thla                                      Sunday

Birthday (Id-e-Milad)                                                


Restricted Holiday List During Calendar Year 2019


(The Governor of Mizoram is further pleased to allow each employee to avail any 2 (two) holidays to be chosen by him/her out of the list mentioned below. Permission to avail these holidays should be applied for in writing in advance and will normally be granted by the Superior Officer Competent to grant Casual Leave except when the presence of the individual employee is considered necessary in exigencies of Government work.)