General dicussion on the budget for 2009-2010 continued in the afternoon session. In the discussion, most of the ruling members described the budget as inclusive, sufficient to meet the requirement for the current financial year and pro-poor people who are waiting for upliftment.

Most of the opposition members described the budget as ordinary without provision for making change, the opposition MNF Group leader, Dr. R. Lalthangliana alleged that many Departments are losing their plan fund because of NLUP for which the lion share of their plan fund is to be sacrificed. He also alleged that many Departments had to part with their plan fund as the NLUP is not made to be a special package of the Prime Minister as publicised by the Party workers during electioneering in 2008. He also accused the Government of sacking a large number of Government employees, desolving MNF VCs discriminately and threatening the Government servants and the people unnecessarily. Refuting the allegations, the Congress member, Mr. KS Thanga asserted that the action of the Government is to re-establish rule of law from the lawlessness during the 10 year rule of the previous Government. He also claimed that the action taken by the Government in this direction is supported and welcomed by all the right thinking people including the Churches except a few misled persons who are opposing the reconstruction move. ZNP member, Mr. Lalduhoma blamed the Government for shortage of cooking gas supply while another ZNP member, Mr. K. Liantlinga blamed the previous Congress Government for disorderly allotment of land to the NLUP beneficiaries who later sold their land to other persons. The sitting for today was adjourned by the Speaker, Mr. R. Romawia after four pm this afternoon.