Brothers and Sisters of Aizawl,
Brothers and Sisters of Mizoram,

It is only fitting that the sports complex that has just been inaugurated is named after Rajiv Gandhi, who contributed so much to bringing peace back to Mizoram. I know how much he cared for this beautiful state, for its wonderful people, for its rich culture and its history. It was his leadership and determination that made the Mizo Peace accord possible twenty-four years ago. All of you are aware of the great contributions made by Lalthanhawlaji in the peace process and the personal sacrifices he was called upon to make.


Sports is an area in which the youth of Mizoram have great opportunities to excel. Mizoram has already established itself in different sports like, hockey, football, wrestling, boxing and archery. I am confident that this sports complex will provide the infrastructure for even greater glories, and to enable an ever increasing number of young boys and girls to participate, I hope that school children particularly are able to make use of this facility. Talent that is identified and nurtured at a young age is talent that blooms best.

I am thankful to the people of Mizoram for giving the Congress Party an overwhelming majority in the Assembly and Parliamentary elections. We have gratefully received your trust and confidence. It is now our responsibility to provide an administration that is accountable, transparent and purposeful, a government that works to ensure that your aspirtions are fulfilled.

You have strengthened the hand of the Congress Party at the grassroots as well by returning it with more than 80% majority in the village council elections. This mandate is significant because it brings us closer to the people in every village and habitation. It is where we can most effectively work for the welfare of youth, women and all sections of Mizoram’s society.

We have made promises and let there be no doubt, we are determined to fulfil them. Whether it is in making agriculture, floriculture and horticulture in the state more productive and profitable, whether, it is in expanding education and health facilities, whether it is in putting in place a new land-use policy, or whether it is in improving infrastructure and connectivity, the Congress Party, both at the Centre and in the state, is resolved to work with dedication and devotion.

Mizoram may be at the geographical perimeter of our country, but it is very central in the national consciousness. The unity of India is derived from its diversity of which Mizoram is a proud and shining example. It is also an example of how, given the will and sense of purpose, problems can be resolved and difficulties that once seemed insurmountable can fade swiftly into the background. Today, after an unfortunate period of strife many years ago, this state is one of the most peaceful in India. I congratulate all of you for this achievement. It is your power - people’s power that has maintained tranquility in Mizoram. You have been vigilant and have worked tirelessly to ensure that the peace has endured.

We all know that peace is the basic pre-requisite for development. Peace is the platform on which the future of every child and the well-being of every family can be assured. Our UPA government is fully committed to helping the State realize this peace dividend. Its economic engagement with neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, China and Myanmar will undoubtedly bring gains to states like Mizoram.

Our State government under the leadership of Lalthanhawlaji has begun its tenure in right earnest and has already initiated a number of policies, programmes and projects in keeping with the pledges we made in our manifesto. Apart from the ambitious new land use policy which will ensure food security and sustainable livelihoods for all families in Mizoram, it has finalised major infrastructure projects in Aizawl city, and also projects for expanding road networks, power supply and irrigation facilities.

I am also aware that the Chief Minister and his colleagues are paying special attention to education. An education reforms commission was set up last year. I know that there is a long standing request for opening new medical, engineering and other professional institutions in the state.You have my support in these initiatives. The state government has also taken forward development projects in the werstern belt of the state covering all Bru settlements. You will be pleased to know that the recent Union Budget has provided for the transfer of over Rs 8,800 crore to Mizoram as special grants over the next five years . I am happy that a Sainik School is to be set up in the State. This will enable more young men and women to enter the Defence forces and join the ranks of those who have already distinguished themselves in the defence of the country.

Friends, it is always a special pleasure for me to come to Mizoram. I first travelled in the state along with Rajivji many years ago and memories of those days are still fresh in my mind. Whenever I come here I am filled with admiration for the talents and accomplishments of the people of Mizoram, how hard all of you work under difficult cricumstances, how much joy all of you radiate. It is states like Mizoram that give our country its distinctive identity. In your prosperity and in your progress lies the prosperity and progress of our country itself. Let the Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex stand for something beyond the world of sports. Let it become the arena where many new dreams and aspirations will be born, take shape and bring even greater glory to Mizoram and to India.

Jai Hind.