A Meeting chaired by Pu S.Hiato, Tourism Minister at his office chamber today decided to organise the "Anthurium Festival" on September 10 & 11, 2010 at Reiek Tourist Resort. Pi B.Sairengpuii, Tourism Secretary has been entrusted to prepare detailed festival celebration programme. The Festival will be organised with the fund received from the Central Government for the same purpose, and the festival is expected to attract tourists in large number and the meeting also decided to invite the sister states to participate in the festival. 
The meeting was attended by Pu H.Zothangliana, Parliamentary Secretary, Pi B.Sairengpuii, Tourism Secretary, Pu Samuel Rosanglura, Director Horticultue, Pu Vabeiha Hlychho, Director Tourism, concerned Department officers and representatives of various organisations.