Awarenes campaign on the rights of Person with Disabilities and its protection was conducted yesterday at Govt GM HIgher Secondary School here at Champhai. Dr. Lalnunthara,Commissioner, Persons with Disabilities, Govt. of Mizoram gave lectures on the above mentioned topics.

Speaking at the program Dr. Lalnunthara   elaborated RPwd Act, 2016 saying that it now includes 21 different kind of disabilities from the previous 7 Disabilities. According to Cencus 2011,  Mizoram has  15,160 PwDs out of which 8,198 were male and  6,962 were female. Highlighting the benefits under RPwd Act, 2016 he said that PwD employees are given an opportunity to put up their quaries through assigned  Grievance Redressal Officers. And also separate reservation is given in government recruited jobs,  various institutions,  government schemes and programms, he added.

Also the PwD Commissioner  said that after the introduction of The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 in Mizoram, 60 PwD jobs seekers had been recruited against their reservations. He also mentioned about 4% reservation at Government jobs, 5% seats  at institutions and exemption of upto 5 years for any kind of jobs for PwD applicants.

The awareness campaign was  chaired by  Pu K. Pazawna GM Higher secondary School Principal.