A meeting was held yesterday under the chairmanship of Commerce & Industries Director Pu J.Hmingthanzuala attended by the HoDs and officials of aligned departments, wherein better management of bringing in domestic vegetables from the villageside and sale of the same within Aizawl City during the lockdown period was discussed.

In the meeting, it was decided to divide Aizawl into 12 Zones, each headed by a Zonal Officer, who will coordinate with the Local Task Forces in supplying vegetables to the respective Zones. The Zonal Officer will man the Controlling Rooms in each Zone and submit their reports to their Controlling Officers. The Controlling Offcers, in turn, will supervise 3 Zones each.

Also, vegetables imported from outside the State will be first examined by the COVID-19 Medical Operational Teams. All fruits and vegetables will be sold within the state at ‘no profit, no loss’ rates.