Aizawl, the 22nd November 2021: Most Revd Stephen Rotluanga, Bishop Of Aizawl paid a courtesy call on Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati at the Raj Bhavan, this afternoon.

During this interaction, the Bishop of Aizawl briefed Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati on the roles played by the church in Mizoram Civil Societies. He shared the accounts of the supportive endeavours of the church on various implementations of the Government’s programme and policies in the state and how the relationship between the religious entities and the government administration machinery within the state differ from other states. He had also elaborated the Samaritan works done by the churches through various mediums during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Governor thanked the churches for their supportive roles which he believed are extremely vital for the success of implementations through various schemes from the state and central as well. He urged the church leaders to continue to play an active role in educating the masses on various governmental policies so that maximum numbers of people are benefitted. He also thanked the Churches for their vigilant roles in the conduct of free and fair elections in the state for quite a long time.


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