The House resumed its afternoon session with discussion on Demands for Grants under the charges of R.Lalzirliana and J.H.Rothuama. Eighteen Members participated in the discussion before Speaker called the ministers in charge to wind up.

    Demand No.16- Home :  Most Members expressed their appreciation for development in the budget under Home department that is reflected in more allocation of fund for Fire & Emergency service, inclusion in the department’s work programme infrastructure development schemes like construction of S.P offices and staff quarters, opening of new Out-Posts and Police stations, development in Forensic Science, increase in the allowance of Home Guard volunteers, maintenance of law and order etc. Some Members from both benches raised suggestion for setting up of Police stations or Out-Posts in certain areas bordering Myanmar in the east, Bangladesh and Tripura in the west where there are no Police Stations in order to check illegal trafficking of drugs, free movement of some insurgent groups. It was pointed out during the discussion that the workforce of Traffic branch needs to be strengthened, and the system followed in police promotion procedure too came under heavy criticism. Some Members brought up the subject of Indo-Bangladesh border fencing and how it affect the geographical area of Mizoram. They raised the need for state government’s intervention in some locations where there are encroachment issues.

    During discussion on Demands, K.Liantlinga ZNP Member questioned the correctness of ranking the Assembly Speaker at No 12 in the State’s Order of Precendence by Home department and asked the concerned Minister to see why the Speaker is not given pilot during the session. To this, the Home Minister later in his concluding speech made an apology before the House and assured corrective measure from his department.

    Demand No 27- District Council : Members, particularly from the south expressed appreciation for allocation of more funds for the three Autonomous District Councils in Southern Mizoram.

    Demand No.38-Rural Development : On this, discussion revoled mainly around BADP and NREG. Some of the more outstanding irregularities in execution of NREGS were raised including the issue of fake job cards.

    Demand No 6-Land Revenue & Reforms : A number of Members raised their view that Revenue department is responsible for a large number of fake LSCs and land disputes. Members like Lalduhoma and K.S.Thanga clearly suggested that major development projects always suffer setback due to exorbitant amount of compensation claim from LSC holders. During his speech, Lalduhoma narrated an incident in which real land-onwers at Hortoki where survey is carried out by ONGC are deprived from getting their rightful claim as compensation because the number of LSC holders had multiplied from 157 to 305 in no time and ONGC refused to pay up all the claims which are calculated at a much higher rate than government approved rate. Lalduhoma explained that a number of party leaders at Kolasib and Kawnpui block level are involved in this and as a result of political pressure, Addl. D.C of Kolasib withdrew D.C’s order for Re-assessment of the area.

    Home Minister Lalzirliana in his wind-up remarks thanked members for actively participating in the discussion of his Demands. He went on to explain the various measures taken by his department in maintaining law and order and in safeguarding the hard-earned peace of Mizoram. From “Chiahpuam Scam” in October 2008 to agitation organised by MZP, Total Bandh organised by Vairengte Coordination Committee to extortion of money in HPC area by alleged HPC’D’, Police department has been able to handle various sensitive cases effectively. As a result of the Home department’s efforts a number of  misled youth were welcomed back on 17.7.2009. The Home Minister also mentioned various achievements of his department such as creation of 32 new posts under ACB with IGP-ranked Director to head the branch, 8 new posts in Forensic Science Laboratory, opening of new Beat posts, Out-posts and upgradation of several out-posts to full-fleged Police stations.

    In his concluding remarks, J.H.Rothuama gave a brief account of certain developments in his departments like Land Reforms System to be introduced shortly, restructuring the administrative set-up of Revenue department and achievements made in cadastral survey. He also highlighted progress made under Co-operation department particularly by MULCO, APEX Bank and MAHCO.

    The House voted and approved Demands for grants submitted by -

R.Lalzirliana :
Demand No.16 Home        -    Rs. 305,79,87,000
No.27 District Council        -    Rs. 136,25,89,000
No.38 Rural Development    -    Rs. 108,27,04,000
Total                    -    Rs. 550,32,80,000

J.H.Rothuama :
Demand No.6 Land Revenue    -    Rs. 13,58,26,000
No. 37 Co-operation        -    Rs. 11,35,20,000
Total                    -    Rs. 24,93,46,000

    After discussion and voting on Demands for Grants, Zodintluanga, Minister for Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation introduced “ The Mizoram Municipalities(Amendment)Bill, 2009 and House was adjourned thereafter.