Engineers and Officials of Border Roads Organisation(BRO) had called on Shri P.S. Sreedharan Pillai, Governor for briefings on the key road projects under BRO within Mizoram at the latter's conference room, today.

At the outset of the meeting, Shri MANV Prasad, Chief Engineer, Project Pushpak and Col Amitabh Dutta, Director(planning) had quickly briefed the Governor that some of the key road projects under BRO within Mizoram are currently being stalled and request the latter's intervention for speeding up the projects. Thereafter, the BRO Engineers were giving PowerPoint presentations on the key roads projects - Widening the Kawnpui - Aizawl road from single lane to double lane and Construction of Double-lane Aizawl city by-pass road from Sihphir to Tuirial. These projects, when implemented will provide an alternate route for transportation of goods into Aizawl City and solve the congestion on the National Highway 54 which is currently the main supply line from outside Mizoram. New road projects currently under the proposal stage such as Parva-Zochachhuah-Lungpuk( 83 Km, Rs 996 Crore), Saiha-Lungbun-Mawher(71Km,Rs 852 Crore), Zokhawthar-Vaphai(86Km, Rs 1032 Crore) and Farkawn-Lungkawlh(94Km, Rs 1128 Crore) were also being discussed in detail with their significance. These new proposed roads are termed as 'laterals' which will link the existing roads, 'Arteries' which are normally running from north to south directions. The BRO Official had also given a presentation on the proposed River Bridge Construction project over River Chhimtuipui on Lawngtlai - Siaha alternate route.

After going through the detail presentations, Governor P.S. Sreedharan Pillai was convinced that these projects needed to be implemented urgently and had agreed to take up the matter with the concerned Ministries for pushing through these vital projects. He had also instructed the officials from BRO to prepare all the required documents as soon as possible.