Champhai District Task Force for Immunization today conducted meeting on the implementation of Intensified Pulse Polio Immunization Programme (IPPI) 2020 at DC’s Conference Hall.

Dr R. Lianmawia, District Immunization Officer (DIO) elaborated the meaning of Intensified Pulse Polio Immunization Programme (IPPI) 2020, vaccine schedules and the ongoing preparations. The DIO told the meeting that a total of 13101 Children below 5 years of age from the undivided district to receive Polio Vaccines under the intended programme. Dr. R. Lalawmpuia, CMO pointed out different precautionary measures to be followed during the whole procedures.

The meeting reported that the Intensified Pulse Polio Immunization Programme-2020 commences on the 21st January, 2020. On the 17th of January, 2020, Polio vaccines and equipments from Main Centre, Champhai will be transported to Ngopa CHC, Mimbung PHC, NE Khawdungsei PHC, Hnahlan PHC, Khawbung PHC, Farkawn PHC, Bungzung PHC, Khawzawl PHC, Rabung PHC, Khawhai PHC, Sialhawk PHC, Biate PHC and Kawlkulh PHC.

Also at the meeting it was mentioned that the facilities provided through Health Schemes and programmes should reach and avail to all the target beneficiaries.


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