Chief Minister Pu Lal Thanhawla kaihhruaina in vawiin khan Council of Ministers chuan Chief Secretary Conference Room, New Secretariat Building, Khatla ah thukhawmin thu pawimawh tak tak an rel.

Cabinet Meeting-ah hian ziaka thurel tur (agenda) 5 an chhawpchhuah a, Report of Pay Committee, 2011 chu Village Council leh Local Council inthlan puan tawh anih avangin la ngaihtuah that atan dah rih a ni a. Travelling Allowances Rules for Judicial Service Officers on Implementation of the Mizoram Revision Pay Rules chu pawm a ni a. School Academic Session thlak chungchang rawtna pawh pawm a niin, School Calendar thar atan April - March pawm a ni bawk a, hei hi Academic Session 2013 atanga hman tan tura remtih a ni. Proposal for Amendment of the Mizoram State Employment Guarantee Fund Rules, 2009 pawh pawm a ni bawk a. Mizoram Civil Services (Combined Competitive Examination) Regulations, 2011 pawh pawm a ni bawk a, hei hi Official Gazette ah chhuah anih atanga hman tan nghal tura remtih a ni bawk.

Heng agenda ziaka chhawpchhuah te bakah hian Mizoram State Finance Commission a hnathawktu tur post 27 siam thar Cabinet Meeting hian a remti bawk a ni.


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