Mizoram Govt. Doctors' Association(MGDA), yesterday organized their 27th General Conference at Tourist Lodge, Chaltlang. Chief Minister Pu Lal Thanhawla graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and the Health Minister Pu Lalrinliana Sailo was the Guest of Honour. The General Conference was chaired by Dr. K. Lalbiakzuala, Vice President MGDA

Addressing the gathering of doctors Pu Lal Thanhawla said that the profession of doctors was one of the noble professions konown to man and that by incorporating the basic moral values of Mizoram society within their profession, they could enrich it. He siad, "Your most important files are - human beings, which God created in His own image and that caring for fellow huamn beings demand utmost dedication, love and affection" Further he said, "You deal with a lot of people as a part of your work everyday and you can play a greater role in the development of the Mizo society not only as health professionals but also as learned and knowledgeable people in guiding people".

Expressing his views on the high incidence of cancer in the state, he stressed upon the need to disseminate information about the detection and preventive measures on a wider scale and the need to educate people about healthy lifestyle.

He said the National Rural Health Mission(NHRM) - a flaship programme of the Central government was a boon for the state and that evaluation and monitoring of the programme would bring more improvement in the health landscape of the state.

The Chief Minister annouced a series of measures to cover BPL families, notable among them being providing free OPD cards, free investigations at the Civil Hospital, Aizawl and free morgue van-services to such families within Aizawl city.

Pu Lalrinliana Sailo also addressed the doctor community and said that the present changing environment has brought forth diseases on a much larger scale and this poses a challenge for them but with updating themselves on a regular basis in their prepective fields, this challenge can be conquered . He stressed upon the need to streamline NHRM, AYUSH and other health programmes so that the Health Index of state can be improved and utlimately becoming the highest in the country. He also spoke the need to widen the ambit of the Drug Control Act. He urged doctors not to be led astray by materialistic aspirations and called upon them to dedicate themselves wholly in the pursuit of improvement of the health of the people.

The MGDA expressed their gratitude  to the Government in addressing to their service matter, especially laying down of Service Rules. On behalf, of the Association, Dr. Gordon Zohminthanga, President MGDA handed over an amount of Rs. 50,000/-(fifty thousand) to the Chief Minister towards the Chief Minister's Relief Fund. A concept paper on setting up a Medical College in Mizoram was also presented to the Chief Minister on the occasion.