I am deeply saddened by the recent calamities afflicting Mizoram, where incessant rainfall has led to multiple landslides, and hundreds of homes have been submerged by flooding rivers. It is truly unfortunate that irreparable damages have occurred in the form of loss of lives and properties. I offer my condolence to all the families affected by these unfortunate events.

The Government is doing the best it can to assist those affected, and it is heartening to see that our strong community has come together yet again in these difficult times. These disasters remind all of us that we need more stringent rules and better safety precautions in terms of building constructions, prevention of landslides, etc. While our hearts go out to the affected families, we need to introspect and resolve to minimize these occurrences, both as Government and as responsible citizens.

Urgent measures are required to be taken, keeping all possibilities in mind. Disaster preparedness is key. Having witnessed these recent havoc, citizens also need to firmly follow building codes, regulations and other safety measures already put in place. Especially in congested cities such as Aizawl, no one is safe in isolation. Strictly following safety rules is in the best interest of all of us.

I stand by the Government and the civil society in our continued efforts towards rescue, relief and rehabilitation. It is my desire that we all work together towards ensuring that these disasters are mitigated in the future. I once again convey my sincerest condolence to all the unfortunate families who have been affected. I am sure that the people of Mizoram will emerge stronger from these experiences.

Jai Mizoram

Jai Hind