Lawngtlai, the 23rd October, 2020: Deputy Commissioner Lawngtlai Dr Andrew H. Vanlaldika today held a meeting with officials from police and health departments and representatives of Central YLA and VLTFs within Lawngtlai town at his office chamber regarding recent detection of COVID-19 positive cases from the community and to prevent community transmission in Lawngtlai District.

DC Lawngtlai highlighted the unfortunate situation in which Lawngtlai District was and emphasised the necessity of certain measures to prevent local transmissions. Senior Medical Officer Dr S. Thaizi gave a report on contact tracing in respect of recent cases and asked the cooperation and support from local bodies and VLTFs.

The meeting decided to enforce stricter measures and control public movements while contact tracing is being carried out to prevent transmissions at community level. Following this decision, DC Lawngtlai in his capacity as the District Magistrate issued two orders today itself to control movement of the public this weekend.

In the first order, the District Magistrate ordered all shops/stores except medical stores to remain closed on 24.10.2020 (Saturday). However, vendors of vegetables are allowed to hawk their stocks provided the concerned VLTFs make arrangements so that social distancing norms and other safety measures can be followed.

The second order issued under section 144 of the CrPC prohibited moving outside within Lawngtlai town for the public  between 8:00 a.m. in the morning and 6:00 p.m. in the evening on 25.10.2020 (Sunday) without valid permissions. The order excepted COVID-19 official duty, medical duty, law and order duty, media persons, P&E and PHE emergency duty, milkmen and attendees of Area Baptist Council (ABC) church elder ordination service as permitted by the Govt of Mizoram order dated 07.10.2020.


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