18.04.2024: Smt. Nazuk Kumar, IAS who is the Returning Officer for 1-Mizoram (ST) Parliamentary Constituency and also District Election Officer, Aizawl District for the General Election to Lok Sabha, 2024 today make an appeal to all voters in Mizoram to exercise their franchise.

"It is my sincere appeal to a voters - young , old, rural and urban voters to come out and cast your votes. It is a golden opportunity to choose your MP who will represent you in the Parliament. This right to vote is a hard earned right for which our forefathers had to struggle - this is not something we should take for granted. I especially appeal to our young voters to come forward and vote - show that youngsters have a voice and can be a voice of change.

"I appeal to everyone who are in the electoral roll to cast your votes between 7 am - 5pm. Thank you."


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