Former Legislators Association of Mizoram celebrated their Silver Jubilee today at Aijal Club, Aizawl where the Deputy Chief Minister Mr Tawnluia was the chief guest of the fuction.

Deputy Chief Minister Mr Tawnluia was delighted to learn that 11 members from the first Mizoram Legislative Assembly attended the silver jubilee celebration pointing out that FLAM is a platform for progressive discussion with no discrimination on political affiliation. The Deputy Chief Minister emphasised on the importance of the peoples’ representation an MLA signifies and to always uphold the interest of the people and maintain dignity of the position.

The function was chaired by Mr KL Rochama, President, FLAM and report on presented by Mr Sang Chhum, Treasurer and Mr TC Pachhunga, General Secretary. A period of silence was conducted to honor the deceased FLAM members and letter of appreciation handed to Mrs Rothangi, wife of Mr Ch.Chhunga (L), the first Chief Minister of Mizoram.

FLAM was established in the year 1994 with initiatives taken by Dr Kenneth Chawngliana, Ex-Speaker and Mr TC Pachhunga, Ex-MLA and the first President was Dr. Kenneth Chawngliana, Vice Presi­dent Mr R.Lalawia and General Secretary Mr K.Sang Chhum. There are currently 151 members of which 104 are pensioners and 47 are family pensioners.


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