Aizawl, the 11th November 2020: Dy Chief Minister Pu Tawnluia, along with  the concerned officials had made spot inspection for one of the proposed sites for construction of the 'Music City Project' inside AMC Eco-Park, Zonuam, Aizawl this morning.  This project will be 
taken up by the Aizawl Smart City Limited(ASCL) which is also entrusted for other projects under Aizawl Smart City, as well.

Out of Rs 12 Crore set aside for this project Rs 10 Crore and Rs 2 Crore are to be borne by Central and State Government, respectively. This innovative intiative by the ASCL is expected to give a much needed shot in the arms for the talented local musicians and budding artists. The music complex will comprise of the following units - Amphitheatre, Audition Hall, Jam Room, Recording Studio, Video Studio, Conference room and other relevant amenities.

Dy CM Tawnluia'n Aizawl Music City Project hmuhma atana ruahman chhin AMC Eco-Park, Zonuam tlawh

Aizawl, the 11st November 2020: Tukin Zingkarah khan Dy CM Pu Tawnluia chuan Aizawl Smart City hmalakna hnuaia din tur 'Music City' hmunhma atan rawtna hmun pakhat AMC Eco-Park, Zonuam Veng chu a tlawh.

Dy CM Pu Tawnluia chuan Music City Project chu Mizo thalai ten rimawi khawvela an talent an phochhuah theihna atan a tangkai chho hle dawn tih a sawi a. Music City huam chhunga studio, hall, theatre leh hmuhma te hi uluk taka ruahman a ni dawn a. Rimawi khawvelah Thalaite khawvel thar ruahmanna tur pawimawh tak a ni dawn a ni a ti.

Music City Project hi Aizawl Smart City Limited(ASCL) in project hrang hrang a khawih tur zinga pakhat a ni a. A sakna atana sum ruahman zat Rs 12 Crore atanga Rs 10 Crore chu Central Sawrkarin a tum dawn a; Rs 2 Crore chu state sawrkarin a tum thung dawn a ni. Music City chhungah hian Amphitheatre, Audition Hall, Jam Room, Recording Studio, Video Studio, Conference Room leh tuldang te dah tum a ni.

Music City dinna hmun atan hian Bawngkawn vengchhuangah pawh ruahmanna siam a lo ni tawh a. Amaherawh chu a hmun tura ruahmanah Futsal Ground siam a nih tak si avangin, a hmun hian duh angin a zo ta lova ngaih a ni. Tukina Dy CM Pu Tawnluia hova endik AMC Eco Park chhung bakah hian hmun remchang dang pawh dap chhunzawm tum a ni a. Heng hmun hma te hi la khai khin leh tum a ni.

Music City hmunhma endiknaah hian Dy Chief Minister Pu Tawnluia chu Pu Zothantluanga, MLA, Aizawl West - I, Pu Lalringliana, Dy Mayor, AMC, Dr.C. Vanlalramsanga, Commisoner & Secretary, UD&PA, Pu K.Laldingliana, Commisioner, AMC leh Pu R.Lalbiakthanga, Ex Councillor, Ward X,AMC bakah official ten a hmunah an dawngsawng a ni.