Fourteen MLAs- Pu Zoramthanga, Pu Tawnluia, Pu Lalrinliana Sailo, Dr. R.Lalthangliana, Pu Lalchamliana, Pu R.Lalzirliana, Pu K.Lalrinliana, Dr. K.Beichhua, Pu Lalrintluanga Sailo, Pu K.T. Rokhaw, Pu C.Ngunlianchunga, Pu Ramthanmawia, Pu Lawmawma Tochhawng, Pu Zothantluanga received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine today under the third phase of COVID-19 Vaccination Drive. 

The MLAs received the dose of Covishield indeginously developed by Serum Institute of India (SII). All MLAs took the occasion to thank all the doctors, nurses, health workers and administrators who are successfully implementing the vaccination drive in Mizoram.


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