Aizawl, the 17th May 2023: Governor Dr Hari Babu Kambhampati invited the representatives of the Deen Dayal Sraravana Foundation(DDSF), an NGO based in Andhra Pradesh to discuss how the persons with hearing disabilities in the state can be helped with devices through the CSR funds. In this connection, Governor held a consultative meeting between the DDSF representatives and the state representative comprising the Health Department (H&FW) and Social Welfare &Tribal Affairs(SW&TA).

Governor Dr. Hari Babu Kambhampati apprised the meeting about the noble initiatives being undertaken by the DDSF across India with a special reference to their initiative to provide Hearing Aids free of cost to needy patients.

He shared his awareness of many persons in Mizoram who needed hearing aid but could not afford them due to the high cost of the devices. He hoped that after consulting with the state officials, the DDSF can help the 100-plus persons with hearing disabilities who needed hearing aid in Mizoram. He thanked the DDSF for accepting his invitation and expressed their willingness to lend a helping hand.

Governor was hopeful that this proposal of the joint venture would soon materialize and the action can be taken without much delay. He suggested that the first phase of the implementation should try to prioritize the students ranging from LKG to College level as much as possible. He also urged anyone interested or needed assistance in this connection should contact the State Nodal Officer, NPPC through telephone or in person.

In this meeting, the DDSF representatives apprised the state officials that the hearing aid will be provided free of cost to the patients who are screened by the Health Department with supporting documents of Aadhar card and ration card. They also shared that the prioritized target group is the students ranging from LKG standard to College level.

The DDSF representatives expressed their readiness to join hands with the state officials in facilitating the hearing aid to the applicants as soon as possible. As per their presentation, the implementation would be undertaken in a phase-wise manner. And, they also shared the possibility of considering further courses of action to facilitate the patients from the new screenings.

The state officials thanked the Governor for arranging this opportunity and shared that the state government welcomed this essential initiative. As per their report, there are at least 100 plus persons with hearing disabilities who are screened and recorded through their centers in the districts manned by Audiologists and Audiometric Assistants. They also expressed their willingness and their ability to organize medical camps to screen hearing impairments.

Shri Ramanjaneyalu, Chairman, Deen Dayal Sravan Foundation, Andhra Pradesh, and his colleague Shri Thota Venkata Sarvarayudu, Independent Director, National fertilizers ltd, GOI represented the DDSF. Dr. SR Lalchamliana, Jt Director (Planning), DHME, H&FW, Dr. Robert L Khawlhring, SNO( NPPCD), Dr. Lalthanmawii Khalthang, State Consultant(NPPCD &NPPC) Pi Caroline Hmingthanzuali, OSD, SW&TA, Pi Maria Lalnunmawii, State Consultant (RBSK) and other officials represented the State Government of Mizoram.


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