Aizawl, the 23rd November 2021: On the progress of the Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport Project(KMMTTP), the Mizoram Public Works Department(MPWD) gave a PowerPoint presentation in the presence of Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati at Video Conference Hall, Raj Bhavan, this forenoon.

The KMMTTP is the ongoing infrastructure development project initiated by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India to establish a close relationship between India and the neighbouring countries. More importantly for North East India region, it will bring them closer to Kolkata by half the existing distance.

During the presentation by MPWD, Governor Hari Babu rightly point out that if this project is completed in one year as per estimation, it will boost the economic and cultural relations with the neighbouring countries, which will be of great importance for the country. He also assumed that this route will facilitate cheaper transportation costs of goods and commodities from other parts of India to North Eastern states and vice versa.

As per the presentation from the MPWD engineers, the KMMTTP comprises land, river and sea routes connecting Mizoram with Kolkata Sea Port – Lawngtlai to Zorinpui ( Mizoram) Land Route which is 87.51 Km, Zorinpui Border to Kaletwa(Myanmar) Land Route which is 45 Km, Kaletwa to Paletwa(Myanmar) Land Route which is 60.70 Km, Paletwa to Sittwe(Myanmar) River Route which is 150 Km and Sittwe to Kolkata Port(Bay of Bengal) Sea Route which is 539 Km. The total length of the route is 882.21 Km which is far shorter than the existing land link between the endpoints of the project at 1764 Km. The MPWD is entrusted to look after the construction of a new 2-lane Highway to support KMMTTP under Phase A of SARDP-NE within Mizoram from Lawngtlai to Zorinpui, the Indo-Myanmar border point. The remaining sector i.e. beyond the border of Mizoram(India) is being taken up by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

The project( within Mizoram i.e. Lawngtlai to Zorinpui) was conceived during 2010-11 with the works actually commenced from 2013. The Original Sanctioned Cost is Rs 579.65 Cr (on August 2010) which is currently revised at Rs 1028.15 Cr. This project is split into three packages. At present, the overall Physical Progress is 96.21%. Out of 87.51 Km, 84.19 Km of construction work is completed along with the construction of 8 bridges in progress. The financial progress is calculated at 95.68%. As per a report from MPWD sanction is still awaited for Revised Cost Estimate of Package –I and Package – III. This delay coupled with a court case on Land Acquisition seems to hamper the progress of the project. However, the MPWD are hopeful of overcoming these minor hurdles to complete the project for which they are entrusted in one year.

During the briefing with Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati, the MPWD were represented by Pu JC Ramthanga, Addl CS to CM, PWD, etc., Er Henry Lalmuankima, E-in-C, PWD, Er Lalruatkima, CE (Highways) while Pu R. Zarzosanga, Secretary represented the Land Revenue & Settlement Department.


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