Aizawl, the 30th April 2021: Governor P.S. Sreedharan Pillai had an audience with Dr.R.Lalthangliana, Health Minister, leaders from the MKHC, the umbrella organization of all churches in Mizoram, leaders from the joint NGO Coordination Committee and the representatives from the ex-services league to discuss the situation in the face second wave of covid–19 and how the leaders of civil societies will have the better impact on the mass awareness campaign, this forenoon at the Durbar Hall, Raj Bhavan, Mizoram.

In this meeting, Governor Pillai related how India is currently witnessing record rates of new infection and deaths due to the second wave. Also with Mizoram currently experiencing the rapid rise in cases, he assumed that our health infrastructure has been almost stretched to the limit. For a state with limited healthcare facilities like Mizoram, he strongly suggested strict adherence to COVID-19 appropriate behavior – wearing the mask all the time, maintaining social distancing and frequent washing of hands as absolutely essential.

He expressed his appreciation for the State Government for having been taking a very proactive approach right from the initial stages to become one of the better performing States in terms of COVID cases and deaths. For this, he gave acknowledgement to the civil society, including the religious bodies and the various community-based organizations for their valuable support. But he had also warned that there is a real danger of complacency and fatigue creeping in due to our prolonged fight. As he believed the fight against this pandemic calls for collective effort, he once again made an earnest appeal to the responsible leaders of the civil society to take more proactive role in the dissemination of COVID-19 appropriate behavior to the masses. He had also advised the leaders of the churches and the NGOs to make use of their credible platforms to influence the masses for observing all the guidelines, SOPs, Restrictions, etc., to contain the prevalence of covid-19 that the government issue from time to time.

Health Minister Dr R. Lalthangliana apprised the meeting on how Mizoram became one of the least affected states in the first wave of Covid 19 pandemic. He thanked the support from the civil society as the factor that makes a difference in Mizoram. And then continue to appeal for continuing support to the state government even as the threat of the second wave is looming closer. He also pointed out that Mizoram, despite lack of adequate healthcare facilities has been among the better prepared states. The state was the first one to enforce lockdown even before the nationwide lockdown was called, first to screen at the only airport at Lengpui, first to close state boundaries and international boundaries and set up effective task forces at Village/Local, District and the state levels. He revealed that a series of lockdowns in the state had been effective. But now that the state is facing the rapid rise of positive cases with the restrictive measures imposed so far not breaking the chain, the Minister admitted the state will have no options but to enforce sticker and sterner measures as a substitute for Lockdown.

The meeting was presided over by Pu V.Lalsangaliana, Secretay to Governor. Among the representatives, Pu Vanlalruata, President, CYMA on behalf of Joint NGO coordination committee and Rev Lianhmingthanga Sailo and Surg.Lt.Cdr. Lalnuntluanga, Director, Sainik Welfare & Resettlement had also shared their views.


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