6th May, 2024 : Food Safety and Safety Authority of India (FSSAI) chuan ram chhunga in tur (beverage) chi hrang hrang (Bournvita, etc) te hi “Health Drink” tia thliarhran bikna tur definition hranpa a nei lova. In tur thil zawrhte label-a “Health Drink” anga inziak leh fakna pek chhuah hi FSSAI lam chuan a hriatpui lo a ni.

Hei vang hian National Commission for Protection of Child Rights chuan CPCR Act, 2005 (Section 15) in thuneihna a pek angin heng in tur lam chi (beverage) leh Bournvita leh a tlukpui te chu dawr leh bazarah “Health Drink” anga zawrh hi a khap tlat a ni.