Aizawl, the 31st August 2022: As desired by Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati, the senior doctors and officials from the state National Health Mission(NHM) gave presentations at the Raj Bhavan, today. The presentations included major programmes under NHM with a particular focus on the National TB elimination Programme (NTEP) implementation in the state.

After the PowerPoint presentation, Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati shared his appreciation of the effort given by the concerned officials in the implementation of the NHM in the state. However, he also underlined some areas of concern that needed to be addressed. He urged the officials to increase surveillance and monitoring of patients being administered TB treatment medicines to ensure the dosages for the course are taken properly. He also stressed the importance of good nourishment for patients who are taking TB medicines. As many TB patients are reported to be poor and without access to nutritious food, he made an appeal to donate nutritional support to TB patients. Governor himself, as a start, donated nutritional support for 20 patients.

A delegate of NHM officials was led by Dr Vanlalfela, STO, State TB Cell. Dr Vanzarliana, TB Cell gave a presentation on the implementation of the National TB elimination Programme (NTEP) in the state. While the PowerPoint presentation of initiatives under major programs of NHM was given by Dr Mary Zohmingliani.


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