Higher & Technical Education Minister Dr. R. Lalthangliana yesterday graced the Parting Social 2019, a farewell function organised by Mizoram University Students' Council for the outgoing students at the University Auditorium at Tanhril.

Addressing the gathering of students, Dr. R. Lalthangliana remarked that the 21st Century is the century of challenge, competition and opportunities where specialization and diversification are keywords in any branch of studies. He said that every year Universities across the country churn out millions of young people who are taking up diverse responsibilities in varied fields and added that this large skilled manpower is the country's strength.

Stating that the young graduating students of today hold the keys to the future of Mizoram, he called upon the students to excel in their chosen field of studies and strive to be the best and also diversify their areas of interests. He advised students to have a clear aim and focus on their goals no matter how hard the path to success may be. He also advised students to refrain from spending too much time aimlessly on social media and guard themselves, well of its ills.

Congratulating Mizoram University on its remarkable achievements in a short span of its existence of just about 18 years, he said it is heartening to note that the University is moving on the right track towards upgrading the educational standards and improving the quality of teaching through interactions and networking with their academic counterparts elsewhere in the country.