4 (four) Starred Questions were answered in the House today, pertaining to Health & Family Wefare, AH&Vety. Dept., Public Health Engineering and Social Welfare.

    Regarding utilisation of Referral Hospital at Falkawn as accomodation for 5th IR Battalion, the Health Minister Lalrinliana Sailo clarified that there was no such intention on the part of the state government. Replying to supplementary questions by House Members John Siamkunga, Lalduhoma and TT Zothansanga, the Minister also added that presently there were 3 medical officers at the hospital and that neither the PWD nor the Health Dept wanted to take charge of the hospital due to the dilipidated condition of the hospital & quarters even before it became functional. In order to convert the referral hospital into a medical college, the estimated cost could be anywhere from 300 - 400 crores, the Minister told the House. Regarding the spread of pneumonia/influenza and ensuing deaths from it in Mizoram, the Minister said that the threat of H1N1 virus was still a big concern and that the virus was expected to intensify during winter, which the state government will do its best to contain it.

    AH&Vety Minister N.K. Chakma replied to supplementray question regarding poultry farm at Mampui saying that the damaged incubator was being repaired. In reply to the supplementary questions regarding opening of Vety dispensary at Tuipang, Phura, Lawngtlai East and Salem by House Members P.P.Thawlla, H. Zothangliana and Col. C.S.Zuala; also opening of Vety Office & Dispensary at Serlui by House Member K.Lalrinthanga, the Minister said that it would be looked into, depending on the department’s financial position.

    Replying to various supplementary questions on Aizawl Greater Water Supply Scheme Phase-II raised by House Members Lalthansanga, R.Lalrinawma, K.Liantlinga, Lalduhoma, Dr.R.Lalthangliana and K.S.Thanga, the PHE Minister S.Hiato informed the House that about 84% of work had been completed and that Rs.70.52 crores was still needed to complete the project. Due to nonavailability of 100% Standby as promised in the agreement, the contractor was not willing to install the remainder of required machinery, etc. Due to the slow progress and alleged mismanagement of funds, it had become very difficult to convince the central government to furnish more funds for the project, he added. However, as most of the work had already been taken up and because the project was crucial in public interest, the Minister said that the state government is trying its best to meet the demand and complete the project.

    Supplementary questions regarding Tribal Art Centre at Tanhril were thrown up by House Members Lalrobiaka, K.Lalrinthanga and Lalduhoma. In reply, the Social Welfare Minister P.C.Lalthanliana said that although the actual estimate was Rs.11 crores, an estimate of only Rs.6 crores had been  made in the project submitted. The financial constraint thus made the progress on the Centre slower than expected. He also clarified that the land for the Centre had been donated free of cost by Saizahawla and that LSC was being prepared. After completion of the Centre, the government will decide on how it was to be run.

    Following Question Hour, a copy each of  (a).Sixteenth Annual Report of Mizoram Public Service Commission for the year 2006-2007 and (b).Seventeenth Annual Report of Mizoram Public Service Commission for the year 2007-2008 were laid on the Table of the House by H.Liansailova.

    Discussion on the Demands for Grants of 3 Ministers - PuS.Hiato (Rs.141,84,87,000), PuP.C.Zoramsangliana (Rs.41,46,40,000) and Pu P.C.Lalthanliana (Rs.85,08,12,000) was also started in the morning session.