Vanglaini Nitin Chanchinbu Vol-XXIX No. 189 Tuesday August 19th 2014 a chhuakah khan "Kolkata-a zir tumten harsatna tawk" tih thupui hmangin "Mizoram Sawkar-a Nodal Department - Rural Development Department leh Orion Edutech, Kolkata-te chu Mizo thalaite training tur hian R.D. Department chuan June 2014 atang khan Mizo thalaite Kolkata-ah a tir tla tan a, tun thlengin mi 60 an tir thla tawh a..." tih te ziah lan a ni a.

Hemi chungchang hi Rural Development Department chuan a hnuia a mi ang hian thuchhuah a siam. Hemi chungchangah hian Rural Development Department, Mizoram hian training tura candidate thlan atangin engmah hriat leh tih a nei lo. R.D. Department, Mizoram hi NERLP Nodal Department chu a ni ngei a, amaherawhchu NERLP hi North East Rural Livelihoods Promotion Society hnuaia Project niin World Bank sum hmangin, NEC leh Ministry of DONER, Govt, of India in State 4 -Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim leh Tripura ah te a kalpui mek a ni. Mizoram ah chuan Aizawl leh Lunglei District ah he programme hi kalpui mek a ni a. NERLP hian tunah thawhpui Agency 5 (panga) a nei mek a, chungte chu 1) Don Bosco Institute, Guwahti 2) Edubridge Institute, Guwahati 3) Orion Edutech, Calcutta 4) Amazing Network, Guwahati 5) Podder & Podder Institute, Silchar. Heng Agency te nen hian MoU pawh felfai taka siam a ni a. Hemi MoU ang hian NERLP hian Orion Edutech hnuaia training tur mi engemaw zat a tir a, vanduai thlak takin hetiang hian harsatna an tawk ta a ni. Hemi chungchangah hian State Sorkar leh R.D. Department hian engmah inrawlhna leh hriatpuina a nei lo a ni. NERLP hian Regional Office Guwahati ah neiin Project Director, NERLP kaihhruaina in heng State 4 ah hian hna thawh mek a ni. NERLP Society leh Orion Edutech Pvt. Ltd. hian thawhdunna (Memorandum of Understanding) siamin Skill Development Training etc-ah an thawk dun nia hriat a ni.

Heng thalai te Orion Edutech, Kolkata in Training tura an lak dan report(Sap tawng) chu a hnuai ah tarlan a ni e.

Report on Process followed for Youth Training with Orion Edutech, Kolkata

• The selection of Orion Edutech was done by Regional Project Management Unit, NERLP by following standard procedures. The details of processes followed can be told by RPMU. A physical verification of the offices of Orion Edutech was done at Kolkata by RPMU officials to ascertain their staff strength and infrastructural facilities. RPMU developed specific Terms of Reference (ToR) and signed MoU with the agencies by following standard procedures, the details of processes of which can be obtained. However, the copy of ToR and MoU has sent to DPMU by RPMU.

• Orion Edutech recruited two local persons as their employees during February, 2014 for mobilizing youths at village level and they selected various candidates in Hospitality sector.

• There was no any development during March, April and May, as the agency did not came to the ground.

• During 1st week of June, 2014, two officials of Orion Edutech viz. Mr. P. K. Das, Business Director (Govt. Project) and Mr. Ashish Jena (Liason Officer) from Orion Edutech came down to DPMU Office from Kolkata. There was discussion with DPMU staff regarding mobilization of youth and selection of two batches of staff for training. Mr. Ashish stayed back and visited various villages and started mobilizing youth. They have selected about 69 students from the villages. This entire exercise was done for 4 days.

• On 10th June, 2014, the lst batch of students for Hospitality sector were taken by Orion Edutech from Aizawl. Mr. Ashish from the Agency accompanied the team. They went to Guwahati and from there the team was transferred to Kolkata by train accompanied by Mr. Ashish.

• During 1st week of August, mobilization of youths were done to select candidates for 2nd batch. This mobilization cum registration was mainly done by Project Facilitating Team (PFT) and Community Service Provider (CSP) with guidance from DPMU staff. The mobilization cum registration from PFT was done by telephone and a list of youths was prepared.

• Mr. Ashish from Orion Edutech came down to Aizawl on 4th August. All the students were called to DPMU Office. Necessary formalities were done and the candidates were briefed about the training by DPMU Staff. There were 30 nos. in the batch where, 20 nos. were in Hospitality and 10 were in IT &ITES. It was told by Mr. Ashish, that they can include the IT & ITES (Information Technology and Information Technology Enables Services) into BPO (Business Processing and Outsourcing). It may be mentioned that under IT &ITES, there are several trade like Computer Accounting, Computer Hardware & Networking, Data Entry Operator, BPO etc.