Education Minister Lalsawta graced a 2-days function of the 7th - Mizoram Middle School Teachers' Association (MSTA) General Conference, held at Vanapa Hall as a Chief Guest.
Addressing a gathering of teachers, Lalsawta expressed his hope of a bright future for Mizoram, owing to the fact that he works along with the Chief Minister who has a keen interest in education, Parliamentary Secretary who has had a rich experience in the field of education and Education Secretary who is not a novice either in the nuances of educational set-up of mizoram. Chief Guest reiterated the importance of showing our love and respect for teachers all the time, lest our accolades and praises may sound cliché if expressed only on the 5th September-Teachers' day.

He exhorted the assembled teachers to uphold themselves with dignity and righteousness by giving their best and all-out efforts in their professions. He also urged the teachers to strive harder for each day for the betterment of mizoram. He also added that big industries and hi-fi machineries may be beyond our reach as of now,but we can improve and utilize education which is at our very doorstep, by  giving our  dedication and hard work. Government of Mizoram  is trying its best to redress the problem of government schools so that our children are not fleeing from government schools to private run schools.  Expressing his hope of seeing children drifted back to government schools in near future.

The forenoon of the first day of conference was presided over by Sr.Vice president C.Thantluanga with a theme of Quality Education, and the business of association was conducted in the afternoon.