The Aizawl Development Authority (ADA) organised a Seminar on "Master Plan for Aizawl : Vision 2030" at Agriculture Coference Hall today in which experts from the IIT, Kharagpur, gave powerpoint presentation on the draft Master Plan for Aizawl.

The IIT, Kharagpur has divided Aizawl into ten planning zones, each of them covering 15.1 sq km. with an expected population of 0.7 lakh population (with deviation) by the year 2030.

Out of the total of 15280 hectares of planning area, 6108 hectares (40%) is proposed for different urban uses, including 2.38 percent for commercial use and 0.45 for industrial use and the rest 60 percent (9172 hectares) for non-urban uses like agriculture, water bodies etc. Non-urban area includes undevelopable slopped lands.

A new parallel CBD (Central Business District) has been proposed st Sakawrtuichhun to cater the future demand of western corridor development and four new satellite townships have been proposed at Sairang, tanhril, Lungleng and Durtlang to meet the new housing requirements. State level administrative hub has also been proposed at Govt. Complex, Luangmual and also the District level administrative hub at Zemabawk.

The Master Plan also suggested that lands with higher gradients be developed into eco-parks to serve as recreational facilities, and open spaces are proposed in the premises to be vacated by the Assam Rifles. A Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and several taxes to stabilize the econimic status of the population of Aizawl have also been proposed.

The Draft Master plan also included several other important issues  including  system of alternate roads to decongest the city road traffic, a new system of environment-friendly solid waste management, land use plan, transit and transportation plan, public utilities plan, elimination of slums, educational plan and administrative plan.

In his introductory note, the Aizawl Development Authority (ADA)Chairman Lal Fakzuala highlighted that the  Aizawl Master Plan aimed at making  Aizawl a model capital town of the North-East region with the latest state-of-art infrastructure which is also economically sufficient and a destination of eco-tourism as well.


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