Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I speak to you this evening. My term here in Mizoram has come to an end and I will be demitting my office and leaving Mizoram on 1st September, 2011.

When I first landed in Mizoram I did not feel a stranger here. Having been born and brought up among the hills and jungles of Uttarakhand the surroundings here were familiar to me; and Mizoram became a home away from home. I have visited all the eight districts of the State and have been impressed by the friendliness and sincerity of the people who will hold a special place in my memory.

Mizoram has huge potentials and I have no doubt that the people of Mizoram will continue to discover their resources and talents for the benefit of the State. God is kind to Mizoram. He has given you vast tracts of land and all types of climates on which you can build your future. Your strength is in your land and the versatile climate; develop these further into agro-based industries which in turn would create further employment opportunities for the people of the State.

To the youth of Mizoram I would say  you are second to none. You have the capability to attain success and achieve the highest. Believe in yourself and in your capability; train your mind to achieve; and with hard work, dedication and self-confidence you are sure to succeed. I would also urge you to go outside the State to gain higher knowledge and explore greater possibilities. Do not restrict yourself within the State. There are greater laurels to be won outside. The youth of Mizoram are gaining recognition in different sporting events both at national and international levels. Explore your talents in all fields and use it to bring glory to Mizoram.

To the people of Mizoram I would say continue to cherish and nurture the peace accord which has been signed in your hearts. You stand out as a shining example of the benefits that can be accrued from peace not only for our Nation but for the entire world. Maintain and foster the values and tradition of ‘tlawmngaihna’ through which you render humanitarian assistance and selfless service to others.

I am aware that I would not have been able to complete my tenure successfully without the help and support of the people of Mizoram. I sincerely convey my gratitude for all the cooperation extended to me. I would specially thank the people of Mizoram for their prayers, love, affection and concern when my wife was operated in the third week of September 2008 for removal of brain tumour and when I underwent a by-pass graft surgery in February this year. Your good wishes were a great source of strength to me and my family members and this saw us through this difficult period in our life.

I once again thank you all for having made my tenure in Mizoram both fulfilling and memorable. I wish each citizen a prosperous and happy future.

Dam takin mangtha
(express of goodbye with good wishes when leaving)