On this auspicious occasion of Chapchar Kut 2009, on behalf of the Government of Mizoram and on my own behalf, I extend my warm greetings to all the people of Mizoram. As we all know the State could not celebrate Chapchar Kut last year due to the imminent Mautam famine, but it is a great pleasure that the Mizoram Government and the Central Young Mizo Association are organizing this grand festival.
While progress made through science and technology has affected and changed the life-style of almost every civilization, bringing along with the convenience and comfort of modern living, modernisation has not engulfed the identity of the Mizos, but has instilled a greater pride in them of their rich culture and tradition.
I wish this year’s celebration will bring peace, love and harmony to all sections of the community. I hope that exposure of rich traditional dances and music will bring identity consciousness based on self sacrifice, patriotism and courtesy to the younger generations.

Chapchar Kut is a festival of joy and happiness in the past when all the community extend their good wishes in all manners of life to others. Keeping in mind the inspiration of the festive mood let us all re-dedicate ourselves towards humanity and goodwill.
I once again convey my sincere wishes to the people of Mizoram this year’s Chapchar Kut.

    Thank you.