Dear Friends,

As we all know the Armed Forces Flag Day is observed on 07 December every year throughout the country. We observe the Flag Day to honour the valiant and the dead, to salute the veterans and the brave and to renew our solidarity with the Service Personnel.

The Day is named as Armed Forces Flag Day because on this day a fund is collected by sale of special flags and stickers. The Armed Forces Flag Day has now become an old and honoured annual feature of our National life.

We observe this Day to enlist the public co-operation and support for three basic purposes-
(a) Rehabilitation of battle casualties,
(b) Resettlement and welfare of ex-Servicemen and their families in general, and
(c) Welfare  of  serving  personnel   and  their families in particular.

The Armed Forces Flag Day remind us of the debt we owe to many gallant men of the three Services - Army, Navy and Airforce, who laid down their lives for the security of the motherland. Their sacrifice has rendered many families destitute and many soldiers disabled. Service personnel are the true sentinels of our land, sea and air frontiers striving in adverse conditions and difficult terrains to preserve and maintain our national boundaries even in extremes of climate - the scorching heat and the freezing cold, braving both hunger and thirst.

In peace time, they help the country’s administration in the maintenance of law and order and they come to rescue own countrymen in the event of natural calamity like floods, earthquakes and cyclones. They are the guardians of national integrity and honour. The Flag Day indeed underlines our obligation towards the war widows, the war disabled and the dependants of those who sacrificed their lives for the country. We are morally committed therefore to ensure that the service personnel, their families, our ex-servicemen, their families and the war widows, war disabled and the dependants of those who sacrificed their lives for the country are well looked after.

With this end in view, a fund collection drive is being launched throughout Mizoram this week. It is my earnest appeal to members of the community, the businessmen and all Government Servants to contribute their mite and donate generously for this noble cause. Let us express our solidarity and appreciation to the personnel of the Armed Forces through our contribution.