My dear friends Chibai,

My wife and I are delighted to greet the people of Mizoram on this pious occasion of Good Friday and Easter. Good Friday reminds us of the supreme sacrifice made by Lord Jesus Christ for humankind. The crucifixion of Jesus and resurrection on Easter Sunday are manifestations of the triumph of good over evil. Jesus spoke of love, forgiveness, and truth, and not of violence, fanaticism, or revenge. He eschewed ritual for spirituality, urging his followers to tread the path of goodness. On this Good Friday and Easter Sunday, let us work together to overcome differences of ethnicity, be it racial or linguistic, to continue to make our State peaceful and harmonious. Let us do some soul searching and re-dedicate ourselves so that we may live up to the example set by Jesus Christ.

My wife and I wish all the people of Mizoram a Blessed Good Friday and a Happy Easter.

Jai Hind.