In a brief function held at his office chamber today, Sports & Youth Services Minister Zodintluanga handed over  Incentives Cash Award of Rs.1,00,000/- and Certificate of Appreciation to  Capt..Samuel Lalrintluanga,A.M.C, the first  Mizo who had conquered Mt.Everest on 21st   May, 2009.

Speaking at the occasion, Minister Zodintluanga said that the feat of Samuel showed that conquering even the highest peak of the world, which was presumed impossible for Mizo Youths earlier, was very much possible, and added that Samuel paved the way for Mizo youths and brought forth new challenges as well.  He was hopeful that the success of Samuel infused new zeal and enthusiasm to games & sports activities and adventurous expedition.

Capt. Samuel Lalrintluanga was   born on 25th March, 1981 and joined India Army Medical Corps as Medical Officer in 2006 and got posted at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, one of the best Mountaineering Institute of Asia.  He was the first Military Doctor to complete Alpine Climbing Course.

While scaling Mt.Everest successfully, Samuel and his Expedition Team made remarkable niches in the annals of Mt.Everst Expeditions, such as:
1)    Team that produced the largest number of Mountaineers (totaling 11) who all together scaled  Mt.Everest  from Indian Expedition Teams
2)    Team that used shortest duration for scaling Mt.Everest from Indian Expedition Teams.
3)    Team that treated largest number of patients during Expedition.
4)    Team that rescued a citizen of Austria and Netherland who were swept into a deep cleavage by killer Avalanche (usually rescue never attempted in this type of accident) and also donated blood to needy mountaineers while descending from mountain top.
5)    5 of its members participated in World Highest Marathon Race.

Pu Zolina Royte, Director, Sports & Youth Services presided over the function and large number of   Sports &Youths Services Officers attended the function.