Mr. S . Hiato, Minister, PHE Department and Mr. N.K. Chakma, Minister of State, Disaster Management and Rehabilitation and A.H. & Vety. Departments visited the piggery farm of Mr. S. Thanga at Sesawng on the 9th June 2010, accompanied by Directors of A .H. & Vety Dept., DM&R Dept and I&PR officials.

Prasing the efforts of Mr. S. Thanga, the A.H. & Vety Minister said that the Mr. Thanga's endeavours and efforts can be a source of inspiration for many people in the rural areas towards successful and gainful self-employment. The Minister assured that the Government would definitely  step forward in  supporting and helping such people in all ways possible.

Mr. S. Thanga and his wife started their piggery farm in 2000, without any governmental or non-governmental support on his plot of land - 431 bighas on the outskirts of Sesawng village. At present they are rearing about 83 pigs and 17 sows; the maximum  that they have reared in a year touched about 350 pigs. Besides, they have planted various fruit-bearing trees, which will augument their income in the coming years.


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