Today the 8th September 2010, Pu Van Hela Pachuau, the Chief Secretary conducted Review of NLCPR Projects under DoNER Ministery in the Conference Room of the Secretariat Building. Apart from important Officials of the various Departments Shri. P.L. Thanga the Member Secretary and Senior Officers of State Planning Board were present. Till date total of 88 projects costing  Rs. 691.02 Crores have been sanctioned by DoNER Ministry out of which 56 projects costing  Rs. 308.42 Crores have been completed. There are 32 on-going projects with total project cost of  Rs. 382.60 Crores. For the 32 on-going project   Rs. 252.57 Crores have been released by DoNER till date out of which   Rs. 211.85 Crores have been utilized by the various implementing Departments leaving a balance of Rs.  40.72 Crores.
There are 21 on-going projects involving Rs.  277.88 Crores which are delayed due to various reasons such as delay in issue of work order, delay in implementation, delay in submission of progress report and utilization certificate. The Chief Secretary decided that all the defaulting Departments/agencies should submit progress report certificate for utilization of fund and other documents required for release of further installments.

In addition to these4 projects there are 51 projects already retained by DoNER involving Rs.  439.87 Crores. The concerned Departments were instructed to pursue this projects to expedite sanction so that more funds may be available during the current year itself.

During 2009-2010  Rs.  31.58 Crores were released by DoNER for 11 projects. In order to sort out various problems, the meeting decided to form a Standing Committee to examine the various problems at various levels so that more projects may be sanctioned  during the current year.