Deputy Commissioner, Siaha District Siaha, launched the Organic Waste Converter (Bio-digester)  at the MADC Bio-digester Centre, here at Siaha town.
This organic waste converter (bio-digester) is capable of converting any compost material of natural or synthetic origin into a fertilizer within a short span of 10 days, with a capability of decomposing organic waste of 400 kgs a day. This Bio-digester mechanism is comprises of sorting tray, Shedder,  mixture which mixes shredded waste,  anaerobic bacteria and odour removal agents  and a composting rack. The products of this Organic Waste Converter (bio-digester) would be a blessing for all the cultivators within Siaha District.

  Shri Bhupesh Chaudary, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, handed over Bio-digester to LAD,MADC after an MoU was duly signed by DC and Shri.N.Zakhai,CEM,MADC. 

This bio-digester was procured by Shri Bhupesh Chaudhury, IAS, from the CSR of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)  and 19 lakhs were spent for the installation of this Bio-digester. Shri Bhupesh Chaudhury had also procured  two vehicles from BPCL for collection/carrying of organic waste and handed over it to the LAD, MADC earlier.  A total of Rs.37 lacs for organic waste management within Siaha town in the form of Bio-digester and 2 vehicles was obtained from BPCL's CSR.

 In his inaugural speech, Shri Bhupesh chaudhury, IAS, Deputy Commissioner Siaha, stressed that this bio-digester mechanism is the first installation of its kind in the entire Mizoram State, adding that, this would not only pave way towards hygienic environment but also towards the enhancement of our moral values. The success of this project lies in the cooperation of  Gov't departments,all the NGOs,  VCs  and general  public.  Segregation of waste must start at sources, therefore  every household need to keep a separate garbage bin of Organic and non organic waste,  before disposting it to  the garbage collector vehicles. After wet and dry waste separation was done successfully, every household must inspire to have a separate plastic and non plastic bin as well;  so that we can pray to CSR of big company for plastic shredder  for recycle. Let's make 3 R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycled be our mantra for Waste management of Siaha district.The Deputy Commissioner invited the assembly to join their hands together in making our District a role model in cleanliness through our waste manangement for the entire Mizoram state. 

 Shri. N. Zakhai, CEM, MADC also acknowledged Shri Bhupesh Chaudhury's  profound interest in keeping the Siaha District Clean. He stressed and conveyed his deepest gratitude to the Deputy Commissioner and his colleagues for their love and support for the development of Siaha District in all levels. 

Today's launching programme was presided over by Shri.H.Zonunmawia,Election  officer and was attended by  officials of MADC and GoM  NGOs, VCs, MJA and special invitees. 

 Shri MH. Tiabi, EM i/c LAD concluded the programme with a  proposal of vote of thanks.


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