Mamit 12th April, 2021 : Wildlife Guards under Dampa Tiger Reserve are engaged on Casual M/R basis, and their wages are funded by the National Tiger Conservation Authority, Government of India. During Financial Year 2020–21, the required amount of wages was not sanctioned due to the economic crisis because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the sanctioned amount was enough to cover only 6 months. The same 6 months (April 2020 – September 2020) wages was disbursed on the month of January, 2021. Apart from these, no additional fund had been received from the Central Govt., however the Department had arranged for 3 more months (October – December 2020) wages from other source.

Regarding the statement “while there is fund for developmental works of Dampa, there is none for the protection force”, the fund received from the Central Govt. cannot be utilized only for their Wages. There is a provision for wages and developmental works under separate head, and deviation would mean violation of the financial rules. The fund utilized for developmental works is meager in comparison with the amount of fund required for wages.

It is imperative to inform the Wildlife Guards the nature of their engagement, nature of their duty, do’s and don’ts to effectively engaged them. Because of this and as DP & AR Govt. of Mizoram Office Memorandum Dt. 05th April, 2021 had prescribed execution of Agreement Deed, personal interview for Wildlife Guards was felt necessary for their re-engagement. For their convenience personal interview are being held in 5 different fringe villages of Dampa Tiger Reserve, and has been completed.