Rajasthan Assembly Speaker Deependra Singh Shekhawat, who is visiting Mizoram, today called on Mizoram Assembly Speaker R Romawia at his office chamber.

Rajasthan Speaker lauded Mizoram on being one of the most peaceful states in the country and said that there is a huge scope for tourism. He also praised the clean and fair manner in which assembly sessions were held in Mizoram, saying it was a role model for all the other legislative assemblies. Speaker Shekhawat highlighted a few features of the Rajasthan Assembly, including a 24-hour public friendly website and weekly admittance of unstarred questions by MLAs.

Speaker R Romawia elaborated on the workings of Mizoram Legislative Assembly and different Committees under it. He also presented Rajasthan Speaker with a few traditional items in the meeting and will be holding a dinner in honour of the visiting dignitary.


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