Serchhip District Child Protection Committee held a review meeting today at the office room of their Chairman Pi Sangchhin Chinzah, also Deputy Commissioner of Serchhip; to evaluate and assess all their activities and to discuss the coming tasks to handle during the current year.

When delivering her welcome speech to the members, Pi Sangchhin Chinzah said that Serchhip is one of the auspicious district where most of the district officers exert their duty at their best efforts and the District Child Protection Officer is also one among them who render her highest labor in her job. And she expressed her gratitude to all those officers posted within the district of Serchhip.

In this review meeting, Pi Lalsiampuii Tochhawng, District Child Protection Officer give a reports on their activities and position on the ground of their works. She also mentioned that the main objectives of Child Protection Unit is to implement the Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection) of Children Act, effectively in the district. In order to sustain this objective two type of underage children – children who need protection & shelter and children who need care and observation due to violation of laws, are given a service through various mechanism.

There are three important committees under the District Child Protection Service which are; Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) and Special Juvenile Unit (SJPU). The Child Welfare Committee is given the power of First Class Magistrate authority in case of child/children protection and shelters by Juvenile Justice Act. They sit every Tuesday and Friday for regular disposal of cases and as many as 437 cases have been cleared since 2012 till September, 2019. The three member constituted Juvenile Justice Board handles the children (underage) who violate the law of the land in the district. 201 Cases have been finalized so far since 2012 till the same period as above and have settled three children to Special Home. The Special Juvenile Unit (SJPU) is chaired by the Sub Divisional Police Officer and members are appointed from all the Police Stations within the district.

Serchhip District has three Child Care Institution which are; Zoar Urban Deprived Children Home which accommodate ten boys and eight girls presently, Unity Orphanage Home where seven boys and six girls are being given a service, and one Observation Home where accused children are observed for the time being. 63 accused have been given observation in this Home since 2012 till September of this current year.

Sponsorship for special need is also introduced in the Act and 212 children had been given this sponsorship so far since 2012. 41 children are being given during this 2019-20 financial year and the sponsorship is a monthly payment of Rs. 2,000 to the children.

Village Level Child Protection Committee have been already constituted in all the forty nine Village Council in the district, Nodal Teacher for Protection of Child Rights were appointed in all institutions and Happy & Sad Box were fixed in all educational school for  write & drop what they are not dare to tell others. Child Friendly Corners are set aside in Serchhip Police Station and proposal for other Police Stations and even in a District Court is also under processed. District Hospital is also expected to make a save separate room for a children coming for medical examination.


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