Good morning all. The dignitaries on the dais, Prof. M. Premjit Singh, Vice Chancellor of this University, Dr. S. Basanta Singh, Director of Instruction, Dr. L. Hmar, Dean of this college, Students of CAU, especially the participants of various events in this youth festival, Teaching and Non Teaching staff, Officials from State Government, Invitees, Personals from Print and Electronic Media, Ladies and Gentlemen, ‘Chibai’- ‘Namaskaram’

It is my honour and privilege to address this august body of the country’s first Central Agricultural University on the occasion of the Inaugural Programme of 5th CAU Intercollegiate youth festival. Central Agricultural University has been serving the people especially the northeast region for the last 25 years since its inception on 26th January 1993. I am delighted to know that, in this Silver Jubilee year the University, Central Agricultural University, Imphal received the prestigious FICCI Higher Education Excellence award. Throughout these years the University showed tremendous improvement in development of infrastructure as well as man power. For the past many years the University topped itself in ICAR PG entrance exam in the country by securing maximum number of JRFs. I whole heartedly congratulate the students for their interest, hard work and their achievement and the faculty members who have taken interest to train the students.

Today’s youth are the promise of tomorrow’s country. This professional university is with selected students from all over the country. They are already ahead of many of their counterparts from rest of the country, in getting selected and admitted in this prestigious University. The faculty members and other staff are trying their level best to sharpen their abilities so that each and every student of this University shine in their future life. Basically our country is a nation which is surviving mainly on agriculture. There comes the significance of Agricultural Universities. The uniqueness of CAU is that the jurisdiction of this University extends to seven north eastern hill states viz. Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Sikkim, Nagaland and Tripura with 13 constituent colleges and five Krishi Vigyan Kendras. I learnt that the 13 constituent colleges of CAU are giving education in 6 major disciplines of Agriculture. The effort taken by the present Vice Chancellor and his team in different colleges is commendable.            


Youth festivals are occasions to witness the talents of youth. At the same time it should mark the importance of unity in diversity. This part of the country is enriched with its various leisure and cultural activities. We need to preserve the importance of each and every such activity. Youth festivals are the opportunities to highlight these activities. There may be some differences in the cultural activities for these seven states but all of us need to understand the basic purpose of all these activities. It’s nothing else other than the overall mental, physical, social and cultural development of the individuals and society as a whole. We learn discipline, beauty of identical movements, completion of targets in time in its full meaning, and finally appreciation received in forms of medals. The costumes also play a major role by enhancing the suitability of the individual for the event and also by giving the confidence. In short, youth festivals are stressing the importance of group activities.

I heard that CAU represents almost all states of the country either in the form of staff or students.  Youth festivals provide an opportunity to know each other not only their names, but also about their societies, activities, the peculiarities of their native place, and many. If you involve with all your enthusiasm, this youth festival will be a landmark in your life. You may be from different backgrounds, societies, families but here you are under one banner, the Central Agricultural University. Our motto should be together we grow and progress towards a better nation.

I take this opportunity to congratulate the organizers, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. M. Premjit Singh and his team for the hard work to organize this event and for bringing this event to Mizoram. I understand the difficulty in organizing such a big event in a difficult terrain.

Before concluding my speech, I would like to emphasize the importance of discipline and understanding mentality of both participants and organizers. All participants cannot be champion in each event and what is more important is your spirit for participation in this mega event of the University. Flaws should be taken with a positive spirit and it can guide us for a better performance in the future.

I wish a grand success to this youth festival and hope the participants and others enjoy each and every moment of this event to its maximum level.

Thank you all.