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My dear students

            I am extremely happy to be the Chief Guest today at the 10th Convocation of ICFAI University Mizoram. Convocations are joyous occasions where we celebrate and honour the success of the graduating students. I congratulate all the students who have earned their degrees through hard work, zeal and determination. I also extend my heartiest congratulations to all the faculty and staff. 

             Education plays a fundamental role in our lives. It is the key element that paves the way for us to reach our highest potential. It also helps us in exploring new ideas which bring about creative discoveries and innovative solutions. Through education, we gather knowledge and skills to have a deeper and meaningful sense of ourselves, which helps us to contribute for the greater good of the society. 

             The Union Government, under the leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, launched the historic National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, which replaced the erstwhile three-decades old Policy. This new Policy is a momentous achievement in the annals of our history, as it actively seeks to make India a global knowledge superpower. 

             The NEP 2020 emphasizes the need for skill development while pursuing education. It seeks to prepare students for entrepreneurship, and aims to make them ‘job creators’ instead of becoming ‘job seekers’. In Mizoram, I have seen that while we perform well in formal education, there is a huge gap in vocational and job-oriented skill education. I urge all the stakeholders to urgently address this important issue. 

             Our Hon’ble Prime Minister said, Education makes life self-reliant. It inspires man to live with dignity in the society. I am certain that ICFAI University Mizoram will continue to impart knowledge, training and skills so that young minds continue to contribute immensely for the development of our State and our Nation.  

             The NEP 2020 also proposes various optimistic reforms related to higher education, so that we can attain quality universities and colleges. Towards that end, major problems have been identified, such as fragmented higher educational ecosystem, rigid separation of disciplines, lesser emphasis on research, ineffective regulatory system, etc. The focus is now on having a multidisciplinary approach to education. 

             I encourage the faculty members to constantly strive towards excellence, so that the students can reach their full potential. I encourage you to pursue the best practices from the academia, the industry, the government and the society, so that the students can achieve holistic development. You must prepare these students to face the various challenges in life, so that they may always find opportunities in the face of adversities. 

             My dear students, you must use your education to give voice to the voiceless in the society, and you must work for the upliftment of the oppressed and the less fortunate. Do not identify yourselves with only the powerful and the elite sections of the society. Rather, you must help the powerless and the weak. Use your education not only for yourselves, but for the improvement of the lives of others as well. 

             Here, I would like to raise an important issue pertaining to Mizoram. I have noticed that the people of our State are extremely ignorant about the various Central Government Schemes that are available for the benefit of the people. As the educated section of the society, I strongly urge you to create mass public awareness, so that especially the poor and the needy can avail these Schemes. 

             I also take this opportunity to talk about the Pradhan Mantri TB Mukt Bharat Abhiyan. As Governors, we have been requested by the Central Government to create awareness at the universities regarding this initiative. While other nations have set the goal of eradicating TB by the year 2030, Government of India has set the target of eradicating TB by the year 2025. 

            Under the PM TB Mukt Bharat Abhiyan, all partners including co-operative societies, corporate, elected representatives, NGOs, public and private institutions, political parties and individuals, are encouraged to adopt TB patients through an online platform called Nikshay. I request you to spread awareness regarding this noble inititative wherever possible, including your local NGOs. 

             As graduating students, you are at the threshold of a professional career ahead and I wish you the very best. I am sure you all understand that employment is very difficult nowadays. Competition is tough, and government jobs alone cannot cater to all of us. However, I advise you to not limit yourselves to Mizoram alone. There are numerous opportunities outside the State, and even outside the country. 

             The big advantage that the youth of Mizoram possess is that you speak fluent English. I have also noticed that the people out here are sincere, honest and reliable. With these qualities, I am certain that employment will not be difficult to find in mainland India and elsewhere. Strive hard and stay focussed to make your existence fruitful for yourselves, your families, your State, and your Nation. 

             In conclusion, I once again congratulate all the successful graduates, the proud parents and guardians, and the faculty of this esteemed University on this happy occasion. I wish you all the very best in all your future endeavours.

             Thank you.

            Jai Hind.