Vice Chairman, State Planning Board

State Chief Information Commissioner

Chief Secretary

Planning Adviser, NEC

Senior Officers both retired and serving

Ladies and Gentlemen


Thirty-five years have passed since the State of Mizoram became a full-fledged state. During this period, we have experienced growth in many sectors of the economy. In our progress, we strive to leave no one behind, and this is reflected in the progress made in the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals. As per SDG India Index 3.0 (2020-21), Mizoram is one of the ‘Frontrunner States’ with a ranking of 12th position.

Mizoram is also declared as the ‘Most Improved State’ for the progress from 20th to 12th position since the last Index. The growth rate of the State’s economy rose from 7.15% in 2012-13 to 11.93% in 2019-2020.

It is beyond doubt that the North Eastern Council has played an important role in the development of infrastructure for various sectors, for which I extend my sincere gratitude.   

The NEC has been instrumental for setting in motion a new economic and social endeavor with the objective of achieving rapid development of the region. More than 150 crores of Rupees have been given to Mizoram, which has played a significant role in the overall economic upliftment of the State. 

I extend my special gratitude to the officials of the State Government for their concerted efforts and coordination towards development. Dear friends, you have offered sincere service to the country and to the State, for which I am grateful. Today, I once again request your service by sharing your ideas, thoughts and even your experience, which would be very much appreciated.

We are gathered here today not only to celebrate, but also to put our minds together and share our ideas as we strive to become a Developed State. I also hope that this Meeting will give fruitful and meaningful approach towards the identified core sectors, namely Health, Education, Gender Equality and Entrepreneurship.


Education determines the quality of an individual’s life and illuminates a person’s mind and thinking, develops human personality, thoughts, and prepares people for life experiences. Educated society nurtures the younger generation, and equips them with the required facilities and training. Providing universal access to quality education and establishing an educated and skilled society continues to be the goal of the State. 

Despite the State of Mizoram being one of the most literate States, we are lagging behind in providing Vocational Education. We also need to take steps in providing special care and accessibility of education to children with special needs. It is my expectation that this platform will be utilized to draw plans towards the achievement of all-round development.

Improvement in the health of the people is one of the crucial indicators of human development. Access to comprehensive, quality health care is important for promoting and maintaining health, preventing and managing diseases, reducing unnecessary disabilities and premature deaths, and ensuring health equity for all. To achieve this, various government agencies have been established under the Health & Family Welfare Department.

All these units must work together to deliver promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative & palliative health services by strengthening the various pillars of the health system, i.e., leadership & governance, health services, health financing, health information, essential drugs & technologies & health human resource.


Mizoram is witnessing an emergence of a young business group with sharp entrepreneurial acumen and drive for success. These potential contributors to the economy need to be encouraged and supported, and the spirit of entrepreneurship needs to be promoted further. 


With this perspective, the Mizoram Entrepreneurship & Start-up Policy, 2019 has been formulated to build a better environment in which entrepreneurs can innovate and commercialize the results of their creativity. The Government of Mizoram has set up Mizoram Startup Mission (MSUM), a Government Society under the aegis of Planning & Programme Implementation Department on 30th August, 2022.

Awareness on entrepreneurship programmes have covered all the districts of Mizoram. Contributory funding from the State Fund totalling ₹313.52 lakh has been granted to manystart-ups, selected through open competition mode. Of these, 35 are women led startups. Four incubation centres have sprung up viz. Mizoram University Incubation Centre, BioNEST Incubator, RAFTAAR Agri-business Incubator, and Common Incubation Centre.

The Economic Survey of India 2019-20 has identified Mizoram as one of six states (and the only one in the North East) having the highest overall entrepreneurial activity.

Much remains to be done in this sector. Government rules need to be put in place for easier qualification for start-ups in public procurement, simplifying business compliance requirements, providing incentives, subsidies, tax exemptions etc.

A greater amount of awareness and motivation campaign among the youth is also required. Mizoram’s entrepreneurial landscape has evolved towards supporting multiple disruptive sectors. Areas such as public procurement, grassroot innovation with rural impact, incubation and capacity building could lead to exponential benefits. 


Stakeholders such as private businesses, incubators, accelerator managers, financial institutions etc could support the Government efforts as we look ahead to another year of exceptional growth in Mizoram’s start up story.

The Government of Mizoram is able to extend its reach into the far flung villages and backward blocks through the funding received from NEC.

This is found to be a crucial intervention into the backward areas, for which, I extend my heartfelt gratitude once again to the NEC.

In conclusion, I wish today’s Symposium a grand success.


Thank you. 

Jai Hind.