• Honourable Chief Guest, Prof.Mrinal Miri
  • Respected Vice Chancellor, Prof. R. Lalthantluanga,
  • Registrar, C. Zothankhuma,
  • Faculty, Students and my dear friends 

 It is indeed a great pleasure to join you all for the 11th Convocation of Mizoram University. Mizoram University, I believe, will play a constructive role in laying a strong foundation and become an important structure for education and research in various fields, not only for the state but also for the Country and the world.

After the establishment of Mizoram University on 2nd July, 2001, the University has earned commendable reputation in the field of Higher Education and Research Studies in various fields. Besides this, the infrastructural development of Mizoram University within a span of 15 years is remarkable. Most importantly, I am pleased to see that the University has made tremendous efforts in promoting various studies in the field of Science, Arts, Commerce, and Engineering.  Students here, I believe, will learn about the enormous contributions they can make to society. 

As our nation, and in particular the State of Mizoram, continues to develop at a rapid pace, Mizoram University being the Highest Institution of Learning must continue to live up to expectations. I believe this institution will open new and exciting opportunities for its students and researchers within the State who will contribute to development not only at local or regional level, but at the global level. 

I am sure that Mizoram University will give its students greater facilities and motivation in achieving their professional goals.  The experience and knowledge that they gain here, I believe, will inspire them to develop a passion to serve the community with their professional skills and creativity.

My advice to the University is to keep up the good work, advance of quality of research further  and do more research on issues directly affecting the State and help in taking the output to the field.  Subjects like skill development, organic farming, environment and traditional medicine issues come to my mind. 

To my beloved students, I would say that you must excel in whatever you do.  Do not settle for second best, as in life there are no prizes for the also ran.  As a country undergoing rapid advances in a multitude of fields, India is today a land of opportunities.  In a country that has ‘started-up’ with much vigour, even sky is not the limit and the nation expects you to hold the flag and raise it higher. I am confident that you will rise to the occasion.

Lastly, my warmest congratulations on this occasion go to the Students and Research Scholars who are to receive their Degrees, Prizes and Medals today. I wish them every success in their future endeavour.

Thank you very Much 


With its well-structured programmes, hard-working teaching staff and state-of-the-art facilities, I am confident that the University will cultivate locally trained professionals who have the passion and the heart to serve our community, and at the same time be an encouragement to many school students and inspire them.