Good Morning  (Chibai)

State Chief Commissioner of Mizoram Bharat Scouts & Guides, Mr Zothanmawia, Rev. Dr. C. L. Hminga, Vice President, Mizoram State Bharat Scout & Guides, Mr. B. Chhuanliana, State Commissioner (Scout), Miss Lalbiakliani, Guide Captain, Mr.Thankhuma, State Secretary, Mizoram Bharat Scouts & Guides and other officials present here today.

With a deep gratitude and great humility I embrace my induction  as the new Patron of Mizoram Bharat Scouts & Guides. It reminds me of my days as a Boy Scout, way back in the 1950s.  What I imbibed then as a young school boy gave a solid foundation in my formative years.  It inculcated in me a feel for adventure, team work and a bunch of responsibility.  Above all, it aroused curiosity to learn and perseverance to achieve the goal despite odds NOT TO GIVE UP!

We all know that this movement is a worldwide youth movement which began in 1907 when Robert Baden Powell, the then Lieutenant General in the British Army held the first Scouting encampment at Brownsea Island scout Camp in Southern England to support young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development so that they would be able to play a constructive role in society. In Indiascouting was officially started by the British in 1909 at the Bishop Cotton Boys’ School in Bangalore. I am happy to note that this movement started in Mizoram by Rev. F. J. Raper at Serkawn, Lunglei back in 1932, is not only gaining momentum but also playing a vital role in shaping the persona and behavior of the youth of the state.

The Scout and Guide Law includes trustworthiness, loyalty, courteousness, thriftiness and purity in thought, word and deed. These are virtues which are very relevant in today’s world. The Scout Law and Promise embody the joint values of the Scouting movement worldwide, and bind all Scouting associations together. The emphasis on “learning by doing” provides learning through experience that is lasting through out one’s lifetime. Small groups build unity, camaraderie, and a close-knit fraternal atmosphere. These experiences, along with an emphasis on trustworthiness and personal honour develop responsibility, character, reliability and readiness which eventually build up leadership qualities. I take this opportunity to call on all the youth of Mizoram to join this noble movement to combine our efforts in building a better Mizoram where each citizen is a partaker of constructive work for the society and ultimately become a better citizen.

As your Patron I shall be expecting from all Commissioners and Captains, fulfillment of the main theme ‘good citizenship’ adopted by the State Bharat Scouts and Guides. This theme ought not to be merely a slogan, but it should reflect on the progress of our Scouts and Guides. I want you to inculcate among the Scouts & Guides, the spirit of adventurism, habits that is associated with inquisitiveness, sense of belonging to a society, development of self-defense mechanism from vices concomitant of modern technological advancements and most importantly abstinence from drug abuseBe a catalyst of progress and take on the challenges in society head-on.  Open the windows.  Let the fresh air come in and look out beyond.  It could be very fruitful if there is a way to work in tandem with other youth associations of the state in general and NCC in particular. I request the Officials from Scouts & Guides and NCC to chalk out common activities as often as possible, which I believe will have positive results. 

With that I am concluding my speech, I wish you all the luck.  Please feel free to approach me with ideas for improvement for the Scouts & Guides. Should I be needed I would definitely be more than willing to lend a helping hand in my capacity not only as the Governor, but also as your Patron. Do keep me informed with your activities.

Thank you.

Jai Mizoram.

Jai Hind.

God speed and good luck.