Dear friends,


                    On this auspicious occasion of India’s Independence Day, I convey my warm greetings and felicitations to all the people of Mizoram.


                    As we assemble here to celebrate 72 years of freedom, let us recall the country’s struggle to attain independence from foreign rule and its long enduring journey to emerge as a strong powerful nation, and let us take a moment to salute the pioneer leaders and all the brave patriots who had sacrificed their lives for the freedom and future of this country.


                    Today, India is considered one of the most powerful nations in the world with growth indicators in all significant areas to become an economic superpower in the near future. As a constituent unit of this great nation, it is our solemn duty to work for the unity, strength and development of the country.


                    On this important occasion, I would like to appeal to all the people of Mizoram to extend sincere suppport and co-operation to the development schemes and welfare programmes of both the central and state governments, which call for active public participation for the progress and prosperity of Mizoram and join the rest of the country in its race towards building a New India by 2022. On this occasion, I would like to briefly mention measures taken in various areas by the State Government for the progress and development of Mizoram.


1.     Ten years ago, we took the bold initiative of introducing the New Land Use Programme(NLUP) with a vision to achieve high inclusive economic growth and development within few years. The successful implementation of NLUP since 2011 and introduction of NEDP in 2016 have significant impact on the state’s socio-economic scenario. Today, Mizoram is one of the highest growing economies among the states in India, along with Gujarat, Jharkhand and Tripura, that recorded above 8% growth rate during the last four years. Mizoram ranks first among the small states, and second among all states in Health Index prepared by World Bank Group and NITI Aayog. The state has the second highest literacy percentage in the country.


2.     Infrastructure development is one of the eight Core Strategies enshrined in the New Economic Development Policy. Of primary importance is the development and consolidation of the social overhead capitals of power, transport and communication which are the most underdeveloped sectors in Mizoram. Out of the cumulative figure of Rs.2,000.00 crores set aside for NEDP by the state government for 3 years i.e. 2016 to 2019,  about 85% was provisioned for infrastructure development and operation & maintenance of public infrastructures. Mizoram Economic Conclave 2018, the first of it’s kind in Mizoram, was organized on 6th April 2018 to deliberate on the challenges and opportunities in  the process of economic growth focusing more on the role of agricultural sector including skills & entrepreneurship development. ‘My Project, My NEDP–MiMIR (Mipui Mamawh Intawm Ruahmanna)’ is another important intiative under the NEDP which is intended to enable public participation in the formulation of major development project of common public utility.


        The Magnetic Mizoram Investors Summit was held in Aizawl as a landmark initiatives of the government towards the development of business in the State. Mizoram has signed letter of intent worth Rs.600.00 crores in Solar Energy and Rs.1500.00 crores in Hospitality sectors with private investors. The Indian Film Festival was organised at a grand scale in Mizoram with prestigious film makers attending it from all over India. Since 2016, Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (EDS)has been introduced and successfully implemented by Mizoram Entrepreneurship Development Monitoring Committee(MEDMOC). North Eastern Council(NEC) has recognized this important Policy and had circulated the NEDP documents to all north east state governments for possible replication in their own states.  

3.     Peace and tranquility of the state is paramount to all-round development of Mizoram. Mizoram Police Department is strengthened, from time to time, with modern equipments, manpower, and training in various courses. In a major breakthrough, political level Peace Talk between Mizoram State Government and HPC(D) was held under a cordial environment at the State Guest House during 7th & 8th March, 2018 which culminated in the signing of MoS between the two parties on 2nd April, 2018 and laying down of arms by the HPC(D) on 13th April at CTI Sesawng. The Mizoram Police arrested 17(seventeen) militants from Myanmar based Insurgent Groups during the last year. Cyber Crime Cell was established under SP Crime with 8 staff to look after the Cell. Under the national e-Governance Plan, Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems(CCTNS) Project is actively taken up by CID Crime. Online Data Entry in CCTNS CAS(Core Application Software) systems is regularly done in 20 out of 39 Police Stations in all the 8 districts of Mizoram. During 2017-2018, Mizoram Police operation team under CID(SB) and staff of various Police Stations seized illegal drugs and contraband goods worth Rs.9,97,65,872/-.

        The Mizoram Forensic Science Laboratory remains the only laboratory in India that maintains an updated case examination details via online mode. During 2017-2018, new bullet test firing room with state of the art acoustic walls for test firing of cases and exhibits relating to firearms and ammunitions was constructed at a cost of Rs. 19.16 lakh.


        Construction of Fire Station Buildings cum Staff Quarters under the 13th Finance Commission Grant at Mamit, Serchhip and Kolasib have been completed and inaugurated at Mamit and Serchhip.  Construction of separate Women’s Jail under NLCPR at Central Jail Aizawl and Saitual Sub-Jail under 13th Finance Commision are almost complete with 97% of works already completed. Thirty Home Guard volunteers were trained and passed out from CTI Sesawng during the year.


4.     Through vigorous implementation of central sponsored schemes and the state’s flagship NLUP and NEDP, there have been notable achievements in agriculture and allied sectors. NLUP has been a substantial contributor in the decline of jhum area by 31.37% during the last six years. Assistance was given to 1,500 nos. of beneficiaries in the first phase and 16,400 beneficiaries in the second phase under NLUP/NEDP convergence. Provision is made to construct 402.518Kms of agriculture link roads, and 487Kms. of existing roads are being upgraded to all weather roads. Rs.2,000.00  lakh was allocated under NEDP during 2017-2018 for Aizawl Kolasib, Serchhip and Mamit for construction of all weather roads. About 60% of work is completed. A total of 405Ha of land is being covered under NEDP for cultivation of onion, field pea, Rabi maize and mustard. Preparation work for establishment of Rice Mill at Kolasib district is in progress.


        Agriculture link roads with a total length of 87.611 Kms have been constructed under National Mission on Oilseeds and Oil Palm(NMOOP) since its inception. Oil Palm area has increased from 2,502Ha in 2016-2017 to 25,923Ha by the end of 2017-2018. Since its inception a total of 773Kms long agriculure link road have been constructed under RKVY to connect potential areas. Under RKVY a total of 54.5Ha of WRC was constructed during the year 2017-2018 and over 740Ha of acidic soils in cultivated areas were treated with slaked lime during the same year. Cycle I of Soil Health Card Scheme which was started in 2015-2016 is now completed wherein 11,986 soil samples have been collected and tested. Implementation of Cycle II is now in progress.


        The centrally sponsored scheme - ‘ATMA’, which has been implemented in the State since 2005 is now in operation in all districts. Under MOVCD (Mission Organic Value Chain Development for North Eastern Region), effort is being made to promote development of certified organic production in a value chain mode to link growers with consumers. Activities under Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVK) includes conduction of 77 numbers of On-farm Demonstration (OFT) and 80 numbers of Front Line Demonstration (FLD)and 60 different training programmes.

        Eleven MI projects under RIDF-XXI(NABARD)were completed during 2017-2018 covering total area of 556Ha and benefitting 357 families and 5 projects scheduled to be completed in 2018- 2019. Fourteen on-going MI projects executed under PMKSY are also scheduled to be completed during 2018-2019. During 2017-2018, Rs.17.00 lakhs has been received for repair and restoration of Khuaihnuai MI Project(Tlakal Zau), Sesih under NEDP. Proposal for repair and restoration of 138 completed MI Projects and implementatin of 13 new projects at an estimated cost of Rs.32.00 crore have been submitted for funding under NEDP.

5.     Under National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) scheme rubber plantation and development for 150Ha at Mamit District is in progress. Rubber Plantation covering 220Ha is being taken up during 2018-2019 which will be completed within four(4) years. Under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY), production enhancement and protection works consisting of water harvesting, terracing, check dams, log wood bunding, contour bunding has been implemented. Construction of rigid pavement works from Melriat village to Tuirial is in progress.

6.     Various measures are taken to further exploit and capitalize on horticulture potentials. Horticulture department has been awarded an additional fund of Rs.10.00 crore during 2017-2019 by the Government of India on account of the implementation of Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH) programmes. Horticulture Fair was conducted during 5th-8th June, 2018 for the 7th time at Assembly Annexe Building. Best Farmer Award was selected district-wise and six (6) Best Entrepreneur Award was also distributed. The Centre of Excellence for Fruits which was inaugurated at Lunglei on 7th March, 2018 will serve as an important learning place for imparting training to farmers and also help in production of quality planting materials. During 2017-2018, dragon fruit cultivation has been taken up in a big way to cover an area of 770Ha. Off-season cultivation of cabbage and tomato has also been taken up on a large scale. It has led to significant reduction in the quantity of import from other states. Other work includes construction of NEDP-NLUP Link Road, construction of 296 water tanks for individual farmers and 11 community water tanks, rejuvenation of senile plantation and canopy management of mandarin orange, productivity enhancement of chow-chow and turmeric cultivation at Vahai, Siaha.

7.     It is the vision of the government to be self-reliant in meat, fish and poultry products. Consistent efforts are made through AH&Vety department to prevent and control outbreak of animal diseases and to increase production. Construction of Rural Epidemiological Centre at Khatla with a project cost of Rs.321.00 lakhs is near completion. Animal Feed Plant with a capacity of 80MT per hour with a project cost of Rs.551.08 lakhs has been completed and installed at Ramrikawn. Controlled breeding programme is being taken up at Thenzawl for rearing mithun with stall feeding system. Under NEDP, a new initiative of Poultry Farm at Lengpui is to be empanelled through investment by entrepreneurs and state government on a 50:50 sharing basis to produce 8,000 nos. of day old chicks monthly by procuring hatching eggs from INDBRO Hatchery at Zoram Poultry Development Society at Tanhril. During 2017-2018 under NLUP and NLUP-NEDP convergence scheme an amount of Rs.39,92,60,032/- has been disbursed for 13,242 beneficiaries under AH&Vety Department.    

        Under the Blue Revolution and RKVY schemes of Central Government, a number of important infratructures have been created through the Fishery department including Carp Hatcheries in Aizawl, Mamit, Champhai, Kolasib and Serchhip districts to increase production and availability of fish seeds. Two ice plants have been established in Aizawl and Kolasib, and 3 new cages for fish culture at Serlui ‘B’.


8.     Remarkable progress has been achieved in the sericulture sector particularly under the initiatives of NLUP. Mizoram is now self sufficient in production of seeds(Dfls)and measures are taken for product development and promotion of Mizo Brand Silk products. Integrated Sericulture Development Project under NERTPS with a project cost of Rs.3,249.20 lakhs is being implemented with headquarters at Lunglei covering 600 families in Hnahthial and Lunglei block. Intensive Bivoltine Sericulture Development Project under NERTPS with a project cost of Rs.3,014.61 lakhs is being implemented at Champhai district covering Khawzawl and Champhai Block having 1,000 women benficiaries. Muga Silk Development Project under NERTPS with a project cost of Rs.1,352.09 lakhs is being implemented covering 300 existing farmers and 200 new beneficiaries.


9.     Mizoram has been declared  the 13th Open Defacation Free(ODF) state in the country on 30th March, 2018. Our effort in sanitation is expected to enable Mizoram to emerge as the ‘Cleanest State in India’ and our cities, towns and villages as the cleanest habitation by 2019. Swachh Survekshan Grameen-2018 under Swachh Bharat Mission to provide national ranking of all districts of India on the basis of quatitative and qualitative sanitation has been launched for all districts.

        With the objective of providing clean drinking water to every household, PHE Department has provided 3,337 house water connection and target 54 nos.of habitations to be covered during 2018-19 under NRDWP out of which 4 habitations have already been covered. Out of 1 city and 22 towns which are under Urban Water Supply, 15 towns are fully covered(70 lpcd and above) and 8 towns partially covered(below 70 lpcd). Khawbung WSS is expected to be completed during 2018-2019. NIT Lengpui WSS, Water Supply to Sainik School Chhingchhip and Construction of Dam Reservoir & Development of Recreation Centre at Keilungliah are being undertaken during the year. Vairengte WSS and Sangau WSS Phase-II under NEC are being executed and expected to be completed during the year.

10.   The state government is aware of the need to improve standard of education at all levels of learning. An amount of Rs.10.55 crores was allocated to School Education Department under NEDP during 2017-2018 for infrastructure development. Besides, Rs.2,553.58 lakhs have also been allocated for development and improvement of various school infrastructures under NABARD-RIDF-XXII.  NAS for Class X was conducted for the second cycle on 5th February, 2018 in Mizoram covering 269 government and private high schools in Languages, Mathematics, Science and Social Science. Findings from the NAS will be used for formulating policies, planning and pedagogical interventions to improve student learning. Under SSA, 12 hostels to cater the needs of children of remote habitations are running successsfully; 18 centres under Residential Special Training Centres(RSTC) and 24 centres under Non Residential Special Training Centre(NRSTC) are running to cater the needs of under-privileged children and drop-out school children. Children with special needs at elementary stage have been provided aids and appliances including educational facility as per their needs. Education Department runs a special TV Programme on DDK Aizawl every Thursday through which the achievements of School Education, SCERT and MBSE are disseminated to the public.


        So far 7,316 teachers have enrolled in D.El.Ed online programme under National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) during 2017-2019 session. Regular classes in B.Ed Special Education in the field of Visual Impairment (VI) and Hearing Impairment (HI) has been conducted from the academic session of 2018-2019. This is the first of it’s kind in North East Region and Mizoram University has been given provisional affiliation to start the course. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and North Eastern Space Applications Centre (NESAC) has supplied equipment for revival and commissioning of EDUSAT networks in the North East with fifty Satellite Interactive Terminals (SITS) in Mizoram. Construction of SCERT and DIET buildings at various districts have been completed. Construction of Aizawl College New Campus building at Mualpui Aizawl with a total cost of Rs.1200.00 lakhs is started. Proposal to start MZU southern campus at Lunglei is under consideration.

11.   The impact of global warming and adverse effects of deforestation on our environment is a major concern for which intensive efforts are being made through various National Programmes and Green Mizoram Programme to increase forest cover areas and to protect reserved areas, wildlife and biodiversity. New plantation has been raised in over 1,750Ha. of degraded open forest under National Afforestation Programme during the year 2017-2018.  A total amount of Rs.100.65 lakhs has been utilized for executing various components of works with special focus to prevent forest fire under Intensification of Forest Managment. EF&CC department has started initiatives for Revision of State Action Plan on Climate Change(SAPCC) with the support of Ministry of EF&CC, Government of India and GiZ. Under National Adaptation Fund, Mizoram Agriculture department”s project “Sustainable Agriculture Development through Expansion, Enhancement and Modelling has been approved and the project is being implemented in 4 districts with Rs.10.00 crore financial outlay. Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation(REDD) Pilot Project is being implemented at Reiek and Ailawng villages with support of ICFRE, GiZ and ICIMOD. Springshed Recharge Pilot Project is being implemented by the department with the support of GiZ to revive 20 critical springs in and around Sihfa cluster.The Government has stepped forward to develop bamboo sector by introduing revamped National Bamboo Mission. Awareness on climate change and capacity building programmes have been conducted at various levels through the State Climate Change Cell.

12.   With a view to enhance economic growth, significant measures are taken to build new infrastructures and improve existing market infrastructures. During the year 2018-2019, Rs.4,500.00 lakhs is alloted to Commerce & Industries Department for construction of Aizawl City Centre at Dawrpui and Market Yards in various towns. Construction of New Market Building at New Market  and construction of Mission Veng Bazar Complex with NEC fund are in progress. Under Export Development Fund(EDF)financed by Ministry of Commerce & Industry,  construction of Mizoram Food Processing, Research and Training Centre(MFPRTC) at Seling; construction work for site development and Block ‘A’ Building of Trade Facilitation Lawngtlai have been completed, and Food Testing Laboratory, Zemabawk have been set up at AYUSH Building at Zemabawk.


        Mizoram government is keen to open up gateway to South East Asian countries through Indo-Myanmar and the location for construction of Border Haat has been identified in four places namely, Hnahlan, Zote, Vaphai(Saikhumphai) and Sangau(Pangkhua). Construction of trade Facilitation Centre at Tlabung has been completed. A suitable plot of land at Zorinpui had been acquired for construction of LCS which will be the main trading point in Indian side for Kaladan Multi Modal Transit Transport Project.


        Exploration of minerals, oil and natural gas are being undertaken through Geology & Mineral Resources department. Presently, 2 Oil Exploration companies, namely ONGC and OIL are working in the state. During the year 2017-2018 a revenue of Rs.19,459,612/- from mining and Rs.43,412,002/- as exploration licence fees respectively are deposited to the state government’s exchequer. Mizoram Day was observed and celebrated during the IITF, 2017 on 18th November, 2017 at Hamsadhwani Open Theatre to showcase glimpses of Mizoram cultural heritage.


13.   Rural development and poverty alleviation schemes under the Central government such as MGNREGS, NRLM, PMKSY-WDC, BADP, PMAY-G and NLCPR are being implemented in all earnestness to remove poverty and improve quality of life in rural areas through employment generation, provision of training to rural unemployed youth and creation of basic social and economic infrastructure. Mizoram received Outstanding Performance Award in 2017 in the North east category for excellence in implementation of Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission(SPMRM). Under the state’s NEDP, a total of 1,200 beneficiaries have been covered by Chief Minister’s Rural Housing Scheme in three pilot districts namely, Serchhip, Lawngtlai and Saiha. The Scheme is now being implemented in all other districts covering a total of 2,000 beneficiaries. Other works include construction of mini sports complex at East Lungdar, Saitual, Khawbung, Vairengte, Aibawk and cultivation of aloe vera at Darlawn district. An amount of Rs.100.00 lakhs was allocated for improvement of community halls under Social Education of NEDP during 2017-2018. As many as 24 nos. of construction, repair and renovation of community halls in 9 R.D Blocks were taken up under the scheme.


        The Core Committee of the New Economic Developmennt Policy (NEDP) allocated Rs.6663.20 lakhs for improvement of infrastructure in villages under the charge of Local Administration Department for providing civic amenities. Construction of Lalsavunga Park at Hlimen is in progress.


14.   Urban development work is vigorously undertaken through 5 Key Central Sector Mission namely, Swachh Bharat Mission, National Urban Livelihood Mission(NULM), Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban transformation(AMRUT), Housing for All(Urban) and Smart Cities Mission. In addition, the government has also taken up various State Sector projects under the State’s flagship schemes to build new infrastructures within Aizawl. A total of Rs.3000.00 lakhs has been allocated under NEDP for construction of Guest House-cum-Civil Services Club. The ADB-assisted NERCCDIP has been instrumental in taking up critical city infrastructure for Aizawl city for which a total project cost of Rs.698.17 crores is being invested for various infrastrucures in 3 Tranches. Construction of buildings within Aizawl has been regulated by the AMC and so far, 6,058 nos of permission have been issued since its inception.


15.   With a view to ensure food security to all, the department of FCS&CA has been taking various measures towards systematic monitoring of movements and distribution of foodstuff at all levels. All family ration cards are now digitized and the process of updating and issuing of ration cards are done online with a reliable database. Aadhar seeding of Family Ration Cards is pursued in an active manner in all the offices of DCSOs. DPR for the project, Construction of foodgrains storage go-down for construction of 65 go-downs along with staff quarters with a total capacity of 20,350 MT is actively pursued. Steps are being taken to complete supply chain automation and Fair Price Shop automation. The department is gearing up to roll out installation of e-PoS machines in the Fair Price Shops for which DPR is prepared and submitted to Government of India.  Due to implementation of National Food Security Act, 2013 Government fund to the tune of Rs.94.21 lakhs is saved every month. Advanced stocking of rice for the monsoon period from May to October 2018 has been done in selected 47 Supply Centres.


        During 2017-2018, Rs.1.60 crore is received from the central government for construction of 1 secondary standard laboratory at Aizawl and 5 working standard laboratory at Aizawl, Kolasib, Hnahthial, Tlabung and Chawngte under strengthening of Legal Metrology infrastructure of States and UTs. A total amount of Rs.7,33,550/- was collected as verification of stamping fees and Rs.1,84,450/- as compounding fines from defaulters.


16.   With a view to strengthen cooperative movement in the state, the Mizoram Cooperative Socities Act, 2006 has been put up for amendment in the Mizoram Legislative Assembly. Implementation of ICDP Programme in 5 districts with the approved sanctioned cost of Rs.4,494.452 lakhs for 4 years is in progress. Mizoram Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd. has opened two new branches in Khawzawl and Zobawk and ATM booths in Saiha, Lawngtlai, Lunglei, Serchhip and Tuikual South. Mizoram State Agriculture Horticulture Forestry and Marketing Cooperative Federation Ltd.(MAHFED) conducted broom marketing survey and organised farmer tour at different places in Central India. Seminar on Innovative Ideas and Best Practices for the Rural Working Classes was organised in 9 different locations with suppport of University faculties and experts from Horticulture and Agriculture departments. MAHCO accounted net profit of Rs.12,56,911.50 with an accumulated profit of Rs.71,08,226.48 during 2017-2018. MULCO also earned a total income of Rs.12,08,87,980.00 from sale of milk products during 2017-2018.


17.   Improvement of road infrastructure is fundamental to economic growth. Under the State Roads projects, eleven (11) nos. of formation cutting with a total length of 98 kms and 36 nos. of blacktopping roads of total length 203.500 Kms have been completed during 2017-2018. Currently, there are 72 nos. of on-going road projects under PMGSY, NEC, NABARD and NEDP etc with a total length of 1,202 Kms with a total amount of Rs.909.63 crores. Twenty one(21) nos of permanent bridges amounting to 137.97 crores for replacement of temporary bridges are being taken up under CRF, NABARD and MORT&H. As per MPWD Vision 2030, all temporary bridges under Mizoram PWD will be replaced with permanent bridge by 2030. During 2017-2018, 31 nos. of buildings were taken up with an estimated cost of Rs.507.00 crores out of which 34 have been completed and 57 buildings are in progress. Mizoram Public Works Department (PWD) maintains 11 nos. of National Highways with a total length of 1,465.120 Kms. Construction of 99.83 Kms long road under Kaladan Multi Modal Transit Transport Project is expected to be completed in March, 2019. Geometric widening, re-alignment and widening to two lane of NH-44A and construction of Rockfall Area By-Pass at Lengpui Airport on NH-44(A) via Lengte road are in progress. Under the World Bank Projects, Improvement and Upgradation of Chhumkhum-Chawngte road is expected to be completed in December, 2018; Improvement and Upgradation of Champhai-Zokhawthar road and Improvement and Upgradation of Tlabung-Kawrpuichhuah road are expected to be completed in February and March, 2019.


18.   The Mizoram Goods & Services Tax Act & Rules, 2017 is operational in full swing and the revenue collection is expected to be higher than that of last year. The revenue collection achieved by the Department for the financial year 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 upto May, 2018 is Rs.40,513.67 lakhs and Rs.9,793.39 lakhs respectively. Construction of Commissionerate of State Tax building of Taxation department Phase I at New Secretariat Complex is completed and inaugurated on 14th June 2018.


19.   Mizoram is highly vulnerable to landslides and major earthquake. First and seond batch training of National Disaster Management Authority Scheme Aapda Mitra(Friends in disaster) for training community volunteers in disaster response in Aizawl district was held during May and June, 2018 at Central Training Institute, Sesawng. Mock drills were conducted at the state level, district level, offices, schools and community levels at regular intervals. Under the guidance of NDMA, New Delhi, Multi State Mock Exercise on earthquake was conducted successfully at seven districts, namely Aizawl, Lunglei, Siaha, Champhai, Kolasib, Serchhip and Mamit on April, 2018. For the first time for Mizoram state, a 5-member team under Joint Initiatives of Aizawl District Disaster Manangment Authority and Mizoram State e-Governance Society was awarded National Award for e-Governance 2017-2018 “Best District Level Initiatives” at the 21st National Conference on e-Governance held at Hyderabad on February 2018.


20.   Various measures are taken for providing welfare programmes and services to the weaker and vulnerable sections of the society. Mizoram State Commission for Protection of Child Rights was established in February, 2018. With a view to provide safety net to the children, all the 52 Children Homes in the State are registered under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children)Act, 2015. Nutrition Mission(Poshan Abhyaan) was launched in March 2018. The Mizoram Rights of Persons with Disability Rules, 2017 has also been notified. Under Accessible India Campaign(AIC) 23 public (offices) buildings under Phase I are being made accessible to PwDs with necessary facilities. Unique Disability Identification(UDID)has been implemented across the state and 340 UDID cards have been generated. All-out effort is being made to combat substance abuse. An online managment system titled Sexual Harassment Electronic Box(SHe-Box) for registering complaints related to sexual harassment at workplace has been introduced with DCs as Nodal Officers in all districts. A new One Stop Centre at Lunglei is under construction and expected to complete and function within few months. The state government has granted fund under NEDP for upgradation of Old Age Home in Luangmual with better facilities. Construction work is to start soon.


          In an effort to combat growing menace of substance abuse, various government departments and NGOs joined hands to initiate Project HIMNA-MADAT(Mizoram Against Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco) under the chairmanship of Deputy Commisoner of Aizawl District. Under this project, massive awarenes campaign against the use of tobacco, drugs and alcohol is being undertaken among children in schools and sunday schools in Aizawl.


21.   It is a matter of pride and achievement for all of us that Mizoram occupies the top position among small states and number two among all states in India in Health Index prepared by World Bank and NITI Aayog.  To provide affordable healthcare facilities to the public, District hospitals and health centres in all the districts are strengthened with better infrastructure and state of the art equipments with fund received from NLCPR, NEC and the state’s own NEDP.  During 2018-2019 Rs.20.00 crore is allocated under NEDP for improvement of healthcare facilities in all district hospitals and Rs.20.00 crores for improvement of State Referral hospital at Falkawn. An amount of Rs.29.90 crore is allocated for construction of staff quarters at Civil Hospital Lunglei.  Under NLCPR construction of 100 bedded District Hospital Siaha is to start soon and construction of 50 bedded hospital at Lawngtlai is in progress.  North East Council (NEC) has approved construction of 100 bedded hospital at Mamit. Trauma centres will be established at district hospitals in Aizawl, Siaha and Lawngtlai. Installation of Bio-Medical Waste management System at District Hospitals Mamit, Champhai, Serchhip and Lawngtlai are in progress.


        Various National Health Programmes are effectively implemented with positive outcome in our effort to build a healthy society. There has been a successive decline in Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) and Infant Mortality Rate (IMR). Global tobacco Survey-2 has indicated that the overall prevalence of tobacco use among adults has declined from 67.2% of all adults to 58.7%.

        Mizoram Institute of Medical Education & Research(MIMER), the first Medical College in Mizoram, has been inaugurated on the 7th August, 2018.  Admission process for the first academic session had already started from July, 2018 based on NEET UG exams in which 15% of total seats is reserved for Non Resident Indian (NRI), 15% for Central Pool and 70% for State Quota. As of now, 62 students under State quota, 11 under NRI and 6 students from Central Quota have have been admitted.


22.   Massive improvement of sports infrastructure has paid dividends. During the year 2017-2018, Mizo sports-persons won a total of 49 medals at international sports arena, 160 medals at national and 71 medals at regional level of competitions in different sports disciplines. A total amount of Rs.173.00 lakhs was distributed to deserving sportsperson as Incentive Cash Award in the year 2017-2018. A new NCC Battalion with a strength of 3,520 cadets is being instituted at Lunglei. Multipurpose Indoor Hall at Sazaikawn, Lunglei, the largest Indoor Hall in Mizoram was inaugurated on February 2018. Sports Centre at Phulpui and Multi Sports Centre for Northern Region at Darlawn were inaugurated in April this year. Under NEDP, improvement of sports infrastructure is undertaken for improvement of Aquatic Complex at ITI Veng, Republic playground, Venghnuai playground, Ground levelling work of Football field at Sairang, construction of Sports Guest House at Mualpui and widening of Public playground at Vaikhawtlang.


23.   A major breakthrough is still needed to place Mizoram on international tourist map. Tourism department has been making endless efforts to promote tourism by setting up more infrastructures in various tourist centres, and organising annual fairs and festivals. Besides the existing 59 Tourist Facilities, Rural Homestay scheme has been introduced under NEDP. Two projects, namely, Integrated Development of New Eco-Tourism Destination at Thenzawl, South Zote and Reiek under Swadesh Dharshan-North East Circuit; and Development of Eco-Adventure Circuit under Eco Circuit theme of Swadesh Dharshan are being implemented with fund from Ministry of Tourism. Under this scheme, ropeway from Chaltlang to Durtlang is being constructed which is to be a single span longest ropeway in Asia. An MoU was signed with Central YMA and MHIP for collaboration in Tourism Awareness Campaign.


24.   To revive the value of Mizo culture and to preserve the cultural heritage of Mizoram, Chapchar Kut 2018 was successfully organised at A.R.Lammual, Aizawl on 2nd March, 2018. The 1st Mizo Hnahthlak International Festival, 2018 was organised on 5th July, 2018 with an objective to create a sense of unity among various tribes of Mizo origin residing in and outside the country. Mizo Cardinal Choir represented the country at the 10th World Choir Games at Thswane, South Africa and won silver medal. They had also won gold medal at Asia Pacific Choir Games at Colombo, Sri Lanka in the previous year. Renovation of Vanapa Hall under NEDP has been completed while construction work of Cultural Centre at Bawngkawn South, Cultural Centre cum Auditorium at Vaivakawn and Lai Cultural cum Auditorium at Lawngtlai are in progress.


        25.        Civil works for construction of Aizawl District Court building at New Secretariat Complex, Aizawl is in progress with an estimated expenditure of Rs.23.60 crore. Ministry of DoNER has further approved project for construction of High Court Building at New Secretariat Complex at an estimated cost of Rs.46,24.12 lakhs. The court of Additional District & Sessions Judge at Champhai was inaugurated on 21st April, 2017. Establishment of Lokayukta is being taken up actively and is expected to function in the near future.


        During 2017-2018 a total number of 1,450 cases were settled in Lok Adalat and a total sum of Rs.1,69,20,000/- is given as compensations to 52 persons under Mizoram Victims of Crime Compensation Scheme. Student Legal Literacy Clubs have been raised in 40 educational institutions.

26.   Sainik School Chhingchhip has opened admission for girls cadet from this year. During 2017-2018, 104 boys were recruited into Indian Army and 33 boys into Indian Navy.

27.   Skill development is a priority to the government. The Mizoram Skill Policy for Development & Entrepreneurship has been notified on 4th June, 2018. Project for training of 36,671 under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana(PMKVY) is approved with financial target of Rs.56.46 crores. For the welfare and social security of workers, the Mizoram Employees State Insurance Society has been formed. Mizoram Youth Commission has conducted various coaching programmes to prepare the youth for UPSC  exams and entry into other services.

28.   Under New Economic Development Policy (NEDP), improvement of internet connectivity for department offices in Aizawl has been implemented and is expected to complete by 2018. e-District roll-out was launched with fifteen (15) services during Digital India Week. These services i.e. income certificate, residential certificate, permanent residential certificate and tribal certificate has been integrated with UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New Age Governance) mobile application for service delivery to the public. BharatNet project which aims to connect villages using optical fibre cable is in progress and is expected to be completed by 2019.  Application developed by Mizoram State e-Governance Society (MSeGS) was awarded silver medal at the 21st National Conference on e-Governance organised by Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG), and Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MEITY). e-Bharat project has been implemented wherein 52 government services can be accessed through online and mobile mode. e-PAR (Electronic Performance Appraisal Report) has also been implemented.

29.   There have been remarkable developments in the power sector. Tuirial Hydro Electric Project was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi on 16th December, 2017. The Government of Mizoram has also signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with North Eastern Electric Power Corporation (NEEPCO) for execution of 210 MW Tuivai Hydro Electric Project. With assistance from New Development Bank (BRICS Development Bank), 24 MW Tuirini Hydel Power Project is to be implemented. For transmission and distribution of power, there are number of projects which have been completed i.e construction of 2.5 MVA, 33/11kV Sub-Station at Buarpui and Saiphai, strengthening of 33/11kV Sub-Station at Thingsulthliah and Vairengte. On-going projects include construction of 2x2.5 MVA , 33/11kV Sub- station with associated 33kV line at Siaha and Lawngtlai, 132kV S/C line from Bairabi to W. Phaileng via Mamit, strengthening of 33/11kV Sub-station at Zaiawhthang and Thenhlum. Besides on-going projects under Rural Electricity Distribution Backbone (REDB); Deen Dayal Upadhayaya Gram Jyoti Yojana (DDUGJY); and Integrated Power Development Scheme(IPDS), a number of new projects including Augmentation of 33/11kV Sub Stations within Aizawl, Mega solar Park at Vankal, Mini-Grid SPV Plant at Vathuampui and Sailam, Grid Connected Rooftop SPV Plant at 132kV Sub Station Melriat etc are to be taken up under NEDP to achieve self-sufficiency in power.

        As per the ‘Solar Power Policy of Mizoram 2017’, number of works had been carried out i.e. distribution of solar power plants with capacity of 3538 kWp, 5300 nos. of solar street lighting system, 9359 nos. of solar home lighting system, 10512 nos. of solar lantern, 6299 nos. of solar power pack and installation of 3000 kWp Grid Connected SPV Rooftop System. Installation of 2 MWp Solar Power Plant near Tlungvel, 30 MW SPV Power Plant at N.Lungpher, 10 MW SPV Power Plant at Sihhmui, 22.5 MW SPV Power Plant at Lengte are in progress. Efforts have also been made for wind power projects in the near future.

30.   Remarkable progress has been made under Science & Technology Department. The Innovation Facility Centre at Aizawl is being set up under NEDP by the Department which is intended to facilitate local innovators and inventors. Construction of Lunglei Science Centre & Digital Planetarium is being started at Zohnuai, Lunglei under NEDP and NEC. Under the Science & Technology International Travel Support Scheme three young scientists presented their scientific innovative research papers in international scientific events held at Shanghai, London and Cairo. With fund from NEDP, Sawdust to Charcoal Making Project Chhuanthar, Baktawng is being developed  and ‘Development of Indigenous Technological Innovations in Mizoram (DITIM)’ established at New Secretariat Complex.

        With support from National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) under Ministry of Culture, the Innovation Hub and Space Science Education Centre has been established at Mizoram Science Centre, Berawtlang and is expected to be inaugurated soon.  New scheme called Scientific Research & Technological Innovation Project has been launched in order to meet expenditure incurred on research works by scientist working in Research & Development institutions.

31.   Construction of MST Bus Wash-bay was completed at Transport Complex, Chaltang. An MoU for establishing Automated Vehicle Inspection & Certification Centre at South Hlimen was signed with the Central Government and CIRT Pune. Three nos. of MST bus service are extended between Civil Hospital Aizawl and Referral Hospital, Falkawn.  As many as 277 nos. of Two Wheeler taxi are yet registered till date and the STA has fixed the upper limit for 2-wheeler taxi permit to 500. Total Revenue collected by Transport Department from various sources during the year accumulated to Rs 36.22 crores.

32.   The Mizoram Liquor(Control & Prohibition)Act, 2014 has been in force since 15th January, 2015. Revenue amounting to Rs.65,68,58,696/- has been collected during the year 2016-2017 against annual target of Rs.5150.00 lakhs.

        Meanwhile, the total receipt collection of revenue from lottery business during 2017-2018 is Rs.1380.48 lakhs while total receipt during 2018-2019 upto May, 2018 is Rs. 226.52 lakhs.

33.   Digital India National Land Record Modernization Programme(DILRMP) is being implemented by the Land Revenue & Settlement department and land records are settled in 302 plots during 2017-2018. A total amount of Rs.12,65,33,461/- were collected from various sources as Registration fee, Tax and Non Tax Revenues.

34.   There cannot be overall development of the state without the inclusion of the Autonomous District Council areas. Electrification of Villages under the ‘SUBHAGYA’ scheme and steps are under way to introduce better digital connectivity for the District Council areas. Apart from infrastructural development, remedial measures for improvement of the administrative and financial management of the Autonomous District Councils has also been taken up by the Government. To strengthen education infrastructure in the Autonomous District Councils, 49 nos. of school buildings are to be constructed with a total estimate cost of Rs.1109.85 lakhs under NLCPR. Construction of Mara Students Hostel for Boys at Zotlang has been completed and inaugurated on 22nd May, 2018, Girls hostel at Chawlhhmun is also near completion.

        The Mizoram Pension for Members of the defunct Pawi Lakher Regional Council was amended which provides for enhancement of Pension of the members of the defunct Mizo District Council and Pawi Regional Council from Rs.10,000/- per month to Rs.20,000/- per month with an annual increment@5% interest upto a maximum of Rs.35,000/- per month. The family pension was also enhanced from Rs.6,000/- per month to Rs.10,000/- per month with an annual increment@5% interest upto a maximum of Rs.20,000/- per month with effect from 18th January, 2018.

35.   Information & Public Relations Department continues to perform its role effectively in disseminating information through the print and electronic media. Construction of a 10 crore multi-facility centre project called “Lianchhiari Run” with fund received from NEC, is being implemented at Directorate of I&PR.

36.   The newly installed state of the art printing machine SM 74 is being fully utilised by Printing &Stationery Department for printing of colour calendars, brochures etc. Focus is given to office and press papers as the sole items for sale on profit to Government Departments. 

37.   BPL families in Mizoram which used to be not lower than 21% percent in the recent years has fallen down to 19.63%. Five villages in Mizoram have no BPL family. The State Domestic Product(SDP) of Mizoram for the year 2014-2015 is estimated at Rs.13,343.89 crores at current market prices and the provisional estimates for the year 2015-2016 is estimated at Rs.15,101.57 crores. The growth rate attained during 2014-2015 is 15.76% and 14.53% as per the provisional estimates of 2015-2016. The per capita income of the state is estimated at Rs.1,03,049/- for the year 2014-2015 and Rs.1,14,524 as per the provisional estimates of 2015-2016.

          Much have been done and achieved, but much more is yet to be done in all areas. Serious efforts must be continued to combat the growing menace of drugs and substance abuse. We must work harder to pull in our resources to create more and more employment opportunities to ensure a peaceful healthy environment for the youth to develop their entrepreneural skills and talents.


          On this solemn occasion, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the people of Mizoram, all NGOs and religious institutions for your faith, and confidence in this government and for your support and co-operation in its endeavours during the two tenures of our ministry. The dedicated service of all law enforcing agencies in Mizoram, the State Police Forces, the armed forces and all paramilitary forces in the state for keeping close vigil to prevent infiltration and maintaining law and order under all circumstances is commendable. The commitment and resolve of the civil societies, voluntary organisations and people of Mizoram to safeguard the peaceful atmosphere of Mizoram is indeed worthy of praise. I  appreciate the sincerity and professional sagacity of the government servants; and I would also like to thanks media persons and all the central government institutions operating in Mizoram for your contribution and unwavering support.


          As we celebrate our country’s  independence today and revel in its glorious achievements, let us take a solemn pledge to rededicate ourselves to work for the unity, peace and harmony of the nation and continue to strive towards achieving greater heights for this country and the state of Mizoram with dedication and firm resolve.


Ka lawm e.