President Shri Balkrishna Tibrewala, Pro President Dr. SashiMarolia, District Collector Shri Ravi Jalan and  other dignitaries sitting on the dais, off the dais, Ladies & Gentlemen, Students, Researchers, friends.

Hearty Pranams to all,

It is a privilege  to be present today for the 7th Annual Convocation of Shri Jagdishprasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University, Jhunjhunu. I understand that this University has already conducted six Annual Convocations and 4 special convocations successfully. 

I am pleased to note that this university has recognized various personalities from different fields who contributed outstanding service to the nation, the society and in the field of arts etc. by conferring Hon. Degree of D. Litt. I am happy to be one among them and I have pleasure in accepting the samewith sincere gratitude.

I appreciate the founder’s concept of opening this university in the rural area of Jhunjhunu.  It is remarkable that this university has exempted cent per cent academic fees for meritorious girl students and 75% fee concession to every girl student.

I also understand that the authorities of this University under the able leadership of Dr Vinod Tibrewala (who unfortunately fell sick, I wish him speedy recovery), have made consistent effort to transform this university as a research oriented University. 

Education is empowerment. Education is enlightenment. Education is emancipation. Knowledge is power. It is said, ‘he who holds the purse, holds power.’ But I would say, he who holds knowledge, holds the key to power. Pursuit of excellence in knowledge is our duty, though achieving excellence is not our right. The road is long, the goal is far. but once the march is on, you will certainly reach your destination. Nelson Mandela has said, ‘education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’. The report of the Education Reforms Commission of India chaired by Dr.Kothari begins with the momentous statement. ‘India’s destiny is being shaped in her classrooms.’ I salute the mothers of India, I salute the great mothers present here. They made their children among the best in the world. The children of India, the students of India, the youth of India are second to none in the world. Once you give the command ‘go,’ the Indian students are ready to march to conquer the impregnable fortresses of knowledge, anywhere in the world. Yes, we believe in the ancients who taught us ‘thamaso ma jyothir gamaya,’ Let darkness be dispelled and light come in.

Getting a degree in academics is a wonderful achievement. However, I must warn you that having degree is not the end. In Fact, it is just the beginning. It was Norman  Cousins who said, “ It makes little difference how many university courses of degrees a person may own. If he cannot use words to move an idea from one point to another, his education is incomplete”. This statement must inspire you to become agents of positive change in the society. You will not be measured on the number of degrees that you hold, but rather on the contribution that you make to the community and your fellow human beings.

We have to utilize the power of education, the strength of knowledge in the right direction effectively to bring positive changes in the society. You, as the students of this prestigious institution have the responsibility to transform the society using the knowledge which you are acquiring from here. I would urge to all my dear students to deliver great outcomes for our society and our country. I see a shining future of our beloved nation through all of you.

My advice to graduated students to set long-term goals and work hard to achieve them. You are living in a challenging time when the world especially with respect to science& technology is changing incredibly fast; you have to be prepared for it.

The Academy has prepared you not just on the academic front, but to play your part in helping communities improve their quality of life. This is a quality that you must build on—the developing world is littered with major environmental, ecological disasters, security issues due to increasing numbers of the population living below the poverty line.

It is not enough to simply try and get by in life—that does not move the world forward—you must strive to excel in everything you do—excellence in every task, large or small. The decisions you make starting today will determine what you become. Your academic journey is not over yet and you must be clear on the end result and how you wish to get there. You will face many challenges but this is what the “real world” is all about and the next phase in your life is a great training ground for your future success.

A new brave world is unfolding before you, The question is: Do we watch, enjoy and consume or do we become active contributors in shapingthis brave new world. Obviously, it must be the latter- but here you must develop the courage to embark on the unknown, the unsafe, the uncharted, take the risks and create something that will change the world. I know you can and you will.

You must aspire that India becomes the best admired country in the world, with a model of fairness, transparency and accountability. Our ambition should be every Indian to have the best standard of living in the world. Economically India should become the largest exporter& a most prosperous nation having highest G D P. India is now moving ahead to become pioneersof educational system in the world, so that every nation prefers India as a destination to send their young men and women for education.

At last, I would like to quote our late President Shri APJ Abdul Kalam; he said that “Confidence and hard work is the medicine to kill the disease called failure. It will make you successful person.” I wish that the future endeavors taken up by you all may be great success; move ahead with confidence, without the fear of failure. There are opportunities all around and its time to grab them.

I once again congratulate all of you for your tremendous achievements.