The State Election Commission orders restriction on the use of mobile phone by the Polling Officials including Presiding Officer, Candidates, Election Agents, Polling Agents, Voters etc inside polling booths building irrespective of whether it is kept in silent mode or otherwise in connection with By-Election to 1-Tokolo MDC Constituency under Mara Autonomous District Counsil scheduled to be held on October 30th, 2019. Counting Agents and holders of authority letters are also not allowed to carry mobile phones inside the Counting Hall. Returning Officer, Counting Officials and Security Personnel are allowed to carry the mobile phones but they should keep their mobile phones in silent mode.

Further, smoking inside the Polling Station and Counting Hall is not allowed.  The Polling Staff/Counting Staff, Candidate or his election/polling agents/counting agents are not allowed to smoke inside the Polling Station and Counting Hall.