Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio, Vatican’s Apostolic Nuncio to India calls on Mizoram Governor Lt. Gen(Rtd.) Nirbhay Sharma at the Raj Bhavan, today,  to shares Vatican’s goodwill to citizen of India.

The Vatican’s  Ambassador, who visits Mizoram for the first time  applauded  the Government’s tireless peacemaking efforts. He also congratulates  his host for the peace and harmony in the state of Mizoram and was full of praise for the clean environment, which he advocated for  as the need of the hour to impart better hygiene to growing human population of the world. General Sharma, on behalf of Mizoram expressed his gratitude for a rare and distinguish visit by a diplomat of the Holy See. While admitting Mizoram being a role model state in peace and harmony to other parts of India, he apprises his distinguish visitor of the successful roles played by strong NGO’s, Churches and civil society in helping the state government to maintain peace.  He also suggested an appeal from a highly revered head of the churches such as  Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio would be very effective in bringing out more contributions from churches for the welfare of the state and people. He also point out that India thrives on pluralism and the strength of India lies in its diversified cultures. He went on to invite his distinguish Visitor to join hands for maintaining  healthy relation and tolerance among various religions  within India.

The visiting  Apostolic Nuncio to India was accompanied at the Raj Bhavan by Most Reverend Stephen Rotluanga, the Bishop of Aizawl.


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