February 2005 a State Sports Academy, Zobawk, sak nana ruahman  hmasak Rs.27,18,00,000.00 (Rupees twenty seven crore and eighteen lakhs) Detailed Project  Report(DPR) chu hetiang hian thensawm a ni a : 


Aproach road and internal road                  

Rs.     5,898,000.00


Earth cutting and fencing

Rs.   19,753,000.00


Football stadium with 400M track and field events with viewing gallary  of 10,000 capacity               

Rs. 201,567,000.00



Boys hostel (36 capacity)

Rs.  12,695,000.00


Girls hostel (36 capacity)                       

Rs.  12,695,000.00


Guest house (Two VIP rooms and 4 ordinary rooms)

Rs.    5,330,000.00


Quarters ( 13 units )   

Rs.   13,828,000.00



Rs. 271,766,000.00                                                                 

DPR hi kum 2007-2008 khan ennawn leh in Rs. 37,60,00,000.00 (Rupees Thirty seven Crore sixty lakhs) only  ahsiamthat niin DoNER ah thehluh a ni a. An ni hian Rs. 10,00,00,000.00 (Rupees Ten Crore only)chiah lo  pawm in chu chu an lehkha No DNER/NLP/MIZ/8/2008 dated 29.10.2008 ah chiang taka tarlan a ni. He sum Rs. 10,00,00,000.00 (Rupees Ten Crore) only  atanga hmalakna tur ruahman dan chu a hnuaia tarlan ang hian kalpui tum a ni a –

1.         Earth cutting and leveling of the ground

2.         Construction of nulla around the playfield

3.         Construction of accommodation for 40 players including official room- dining and kitchen hall.

4.         Construction of retaining wall near Tlawng river.

5.         Construction of Ring well

 He hmalakna atana DPR siam a nih mek lai hian DoNER chuan he project atana ruahman Rs.10,00,00,000.00 (Rupees Ten Crore) only chu Rs. 1751.24 lakh tih pun a rem tihna leh hemi atanga 90% (Rs.1576.12 lakh only ) chiah a rawn pek theih tur tur thu Mizoram Sawrkar an lehkha F.No.DNER/NLP/MIZ/81/2008 dated. 2.8.2010 hmang in a rawn hriattir leh a. Rs.1576.12 lakh  hmanga working estimatesiamchu Mizoram sawrkar in a pawmna No.B.13012/68/2000-SYS dated 29.7.2011 order a chhuah leh a ni. Rs.1576.12 lakh   hmanga estimatesiamleh component hrang hranga thensawmna pawh hmuh theih rengin a awm a ni.

He Rs. 1751.24 lakh  sanctioned atang hian civil work components Rs14,95,86,933.00 open tender – two envelope sytem(technical and financial bids chu ) kohna chu Superintending Engineer, PWD Project Circle  in ni 19.8.2011 khan a chhuah a. State Advisory Committee Meeting  ni 19.8.2011 Chief Secretary Conference Hall ah neih ah  Pu R.Sangkhuma, Contractor thawh tur in  Rs. 16,45,626.30 (tendered amount aia 10%  a tam in)  remsiamna leh rawtna neih a ni a. Tichuan Work Order No. D.24012/5/2008-EE(B)/vol-II/7 dated 7.6.2012  Executive Engineer, PWD, Building Division, Lunglei in chhuah a agreement  siam pawh tun thlenga ziah fel a la ni ta rih lo a ni