Vawiin chawhma dar 10:30AM khan MADC Forest Hall-ahDistrict Legal Services Authority, Siaha  leh State Legal SevicesAuthority, Mizoram te bultumin Legal Service Camp buatsaih a ni. He Legal Services Camp hi Pu Vanlalenmawia MJS, Secretary, Mizoram SLSA chuan kaihruaiin, Pu N.Zakhai CEM, MADC chuan khuallian niin a hmanpui.

Vawiin a Legal Services Camp-ah hian Siaha District a Office 7 te leh Bank 2 leh Tlawmngai pawl 2 ten Topic thlanbik-ah  an hmalak tawhna leh hmachhawp hrang hrang te Presentation an pe a. Chu an Topic thlanchhuah te chu:

DC - NLUP : Issues & Problems,
DRDA - Serving for the needy
MADC - Their various schemes and projects
I&PRO - RTI implementations  etc.
CMO - Health Care Schemes etc..
DSWO - Welfare of senior citizens etc..
DCPO - Welfare of Children under JJ Act,2015
Mizofed - On LPG Subscriptions etc..
SBI, Saiha Branch - Customers –centric services
MRB, Saiha Branch - Customers –centric services
MRB,  Vaihpi  Branch - Customers –centric services
MTP(H) - Their role for voiceless people
MCHP(H) - Their role for Helpless people

Heng bakah hian  Dr.Lalrinchhana, Judge Fast Track Court in Access to Justice: Court vis-a-vis downtrodden sections in society tih leh  Pu Malsawmdawngliana Addl.PP/GA District Court, Lunglei in Basic Principles of law with reference to equality before law tih thupui hmangin thusawina hun an hmang bawk.

Vawiin Legal Services Camp-ah hian   MADC Office kawtah Stall siamin a chunga kan sawi tak  Department 7 te ,Bank 2 te  leh NGO 2 te hian Booklet leh Pamphlet te semchhuakin, an Stall tlawhtute  zawhna  hrang hrang te chu chhangin, sawifiah ngai leh hrilfiah ngai apiang an sawifiah nghal zel bawk a ni.

Vawiin Legal Services Camp-ah hian sawmbik te an tel tha hle a ni.


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